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Human high quality male rollover! After becoming a net celebrity, he received sky high financial consulting fees, but he had no qualification certificate

2021-08-24 22:34:06 Tencent Entertainment

In the era when Internet popularity has been saturated , There are still a lot of bright “ New people ” appear , Some of them shine and heat on their own merits , Others rely on eye popping , Do something incredible to get people's attention . Recently, a man who claimed to be “ Human high-quality men ” The Internet is very popular all over the world , After it became popular, it quickly realized , Final rollover .

It is reported that “ Human high-quality men ” His name is Xu qingen , After he became popular, he set up his own fan group , According to Xu qingen , After joining the fan group, I can provide fans with some consulting services in the field of Finance and investment , It's just that the membership fee is a little outrageous , A month to 25000 element , It's appropriate to pack a year 75000 element . But then again , Such outrageous pricing is rare , Finally, the platform is ready to rectify , The fan base has been closed , But this incident has caused people to reflect , Where did Xu qingen come from , Dare to ask such a high price ?

According to the times weekly , Xu qingen did not disclose any relevant qualification certificates , If you really consult a financial professional , This price is also outrageous .

But when it exploded “ Self introduction courtship video ” in , Xu qingen stressed that he is engaged in investment in the global capital market , Exposure to the financial derivatives industry 10 year , High risk and high return , And can provide regular or irregular financial support for each other . Whether it's dress up or daily photos , They all give people a very noble temperament , Like the financial elite .

But then someone who knew the watch picked out the brand watch brought by Xu qingen, which was different from the real one , Suspected of decorating yourself with a fake watch .

In its English version of self introduction , Yes up The main analysis is Xu qingen's oral English , It's a blind date video , But full of business English , There is a feeling of marketing people .

Even after adding female netizens , Speech is also biased towards vulgarity , Always suggesting that the woman , This is different from Xu qingen's “ High-quality ” Not at all .

Up to now, Xu qingen has not produced any relevant certificates , To prove your job identity , Instead, it really became a net red . During the establishment of the charging group , Xu qingen even put the top investment information on his social account , Undertake all kinds of advertising live broadcast .

In reality, Xu qingen really signed up for the live broadcasting company .

And received the advertising endorsement of beer manufacturers with women's online Red .

With the realization of Xu qingen, it becomes more and more crazy , Officials also evaluated Xu qingen , CCTV said it was looking for the realization password , But if it turns out to be successful , There will be countless “ Xu qingen ” Follow the fashion , They may choose a more curious way to attract public attention , Xu qingen's words and deeds have “ Pollution ” Part of the Internet , CCTV also called on the hope platform to treat Xu qingen cautiously .

Today, more and more netizens are born , The authenticity of their human design , And the real purpose is not as simple as it seems , No matter how popular , Pollute people's eyes , Make the ugly look inside , Finally, it can be realized quickly , Such net popularity will only be a flash in the pan , I also hope Xu qingen can face up to his behavior .

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