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Take eight people to cross-country? This guard can do it

2021-08-24 22:34:15 Oriental Information automobile

And the old Compared to the guards , The new guard not only got rid of “ Tools ” Car properties , Also successfully promoted to an off-road vehicle with luxury features . at present , Land Rover has developed... For the new defender 90、110 models , From the latest news, the guard will also launch 130 models .

Compared with the cash model ,130 The biggest change of the model is that it has an ultra long rear , It is understood that it will be in 110 Add... On the basis of vehicle model 342 mm , Length up to 5100 mm , This also allows the new car to be installed smoothly 8 A seat , Three row layout is adopted .

In terms of motivation ,130 The model will take gasoline and diesel engines , At the same time, from BMW 4.4T The engine will also appear in the high-performance version of the new car , Foreign media said that the test vehicle in the picture used 3.0T In-line six cylinder engine . Upgrading of product power , So that this generation of guards can compete with Mercedes Benz G series “ Rigid ”, Interestingly, in addition to the traditional four door model , Guards and double doors 90 And the SVR and 110 models , This is undoubtedly to make the choice more diversified , It's also a Mercedes Benz G Series does not have .

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