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Positioning the compact hatchback, SAIC Volkswagen id.3 will appear at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-24 22:36:20 Oriental Information automobile

Shanghai Volkswagen ID.3 Is due to 8 month 29 It was officially exhibited at the Chengdu auto show on the th , It is expected to be officially listed by the end of the year . The new car is based on Volkswagen MEB Platform to build , Positioned on the hatchback compact car .

aesthetic , Shanghai Volkswagen ID.3 It continues the overall design of overseas models , Adopt the public ID. Family design language , It has strong vehicle identification . The whole front face is closed , The middle part of the air inlet grille at the lower part of the front bar is a structure that really plays the function of air inlet and heat dissipation . Floating point dark pattern decoration is adopted around the grille , Echoing the floating-point decoration around the lens in the headlight . The domestic version of headlights has been cancelled LED The light source , And the configuration of lens and daytime running lamp belt , Become a more economical reflective lamp cup structure , It also cancels the crossing LOGO. Connect the through lamp strips at the inner corners of the headlights on both sides , Widened the visual width of the front face , At the same time, it makes the front face have a good sense of hierarchy . The new car adopts closed network , Further reduce driving wind resistance , And highlight the attributes of its new energy vehicles . The front windshield adopts split wiper design ,A The column position has a large triangular window , Along A The moldings of the pillar and roof extension also adopt the color matching corresponding to the hub spokes . In addition to C The column position is also decorated with white floating point , Echoing the design of the front bar and headlamp .

New car positioning pure electric compact hatchback , The side lines are very smooth 、 full , It adopts two-color body design , Make it more visual impact . meanwhile , The side shape of the vehicle is round , Inclined at a large angle A The pillar and front windscreen make the vehicle smoother , and C The circular gradient pattern of the column also adds vitality to the whole vehicle . The size of the new car is 4261mm/1778mm/1568mm, The wheelbase 2765mm. According to the exposed declaration chart , Wheel hubs are also available for new vehicles 、 Rearview mirror and other accessories , What it offers is 18 Inch sum 20 Two inch wheels , Low wind resistance spokes are adopted , With some black spray , Both have good visual effects .

The rear side , A spoiler extends from the end of the roof , At the same time, the trunk cover is painted black as a whole , Create a visual effect that the rear windshield extends downward , More sporty . The tail lights on both sides are exquisite and compact , The overall shape of the tail is more round , The use of a large number of straight lines , Make the rear of the car more layered .

interiors , The public with the continuation of the overall style ID. Family design language , The combination of cool and warm colors makes it more visual impact . The simple flat center console has a suspended multimedia system flat screen , And the same suspended liquid crystal instrument and the electronic shift system integrated on the right frame . The central channel is the low-level storage space , A folding armrest is arranged inside the front seat . motivation , The new car will be equipped with a maximum power 125kW Rear motor , The maximum torque is 310N·m. In the life , The new car may offer three kinds of endurance options , The corresponding range is 330km、420km、550km, The corresponding battery capacity is 45kWh、58kWh as well as 77kWh.

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