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Rolls Royce is so expensive, how can it sell so well? Salesperson: let's take a look at our marketing

2021-08-24 22:36:27 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of that top model , They are usually sky high , As ordinary people, we simply can't afford , It's really out of reach . Like the lowest price in Rolls Royce 500 More than ten thousand yuan , This price is enough to buy seven or eight Audi A8) 了 , Rolls Royce is so expensive , How did it sell so well ? Salesperson : Take a look at our marketing .

Rolls Royce is such an expensive car , Its sales in China are also very good , And the customers who buy Rolls Royce are generally young people and women . As a world luxury brand , It's not easy to have such good sales in China , So many people are very curious , Why does such an expensive car sell so well ?

Actually, you go to Rolls Royce 4S Take a walk around the store and you'll understand , Their marketing methods are really admirable . At a delivery ceremony , The Rolls Royce is surrounded by rose petals , And there's a bunch of balloons in the car , It is estimated that the owner of the car is a woman , Like now 4s The scene of preparing for the store , The owner is also very happy .

Now many car brands have prepared the delivery ceremony very grandly , Even they have prepared high-end red wine for customers , In order to leave a deep impression on them , Treat them as the most important customers , And it provides an opportunity to buy a car next time .

You can see that the inside of this Rolls Royce is also very luxurious , Even the seats are embroidered , You can see on the back of the seat is a god of wealth holding gold ingots , I didn't expect this car to be a British brand , The design is integrated with Chinese elements , It looks so natural . So the reason why this car is so expensive , And it sells so well , It is all this that caters to Chinese customers . What do you think of this ?

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