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It's a big loss. I don't know how many people who bought Haval H6 will regret it as soon as this car goes on the market

2021-08-24 22:44:16 Oriental Information automobile

It's a big loss , It's a big loss , As soon as the car goes on sale , I don't know how many bought Harvard H6 People should regret ! When it comes to our domestic cars SUV models , Then it has to be mentioned that the largest sales volume in China SUV 了 , It has a very loud name —— The harvard H6.

Let's talk about the car , If you want to buy a car made in China SUV, And if it's better , That's Harvard's H6 You can certainly consider , That's what I thought before , So I really bought one H6, I was very happy when I first bought it , I think it's pretty , In line with my temperament , I like , When I bought it, I set up several tables , Let all my friends come for a drink , Look at the new car I bought .

But I just bought it and haven't looked up for a few days , A friend told me , Recently, a new SUV Pretty good , I was proud to say that I had my Harvard H6 Okay? ? It really doesn't have to , That car looks better than H6 Be cool , I acted like I didn't care , As soon as I got home, I checked the car on the computer , I saw the last thing I wanted to see , Is there really is , This car can also be said to be H6 My cousin ——F7, Because they are all Harvard brands , But one is H The department and the F system .

Let's start with the appearance ,F7 Your appearance is really better than mine H6 Young fashion a lot , I think it should be better than mine H6 It's easier , The most important thing is that the temperament is a higher level , No matter how I look from front to back, left to right , Anyway, there are pictures on it. Look for yourself ,F7 The body is 4625*1846*1695mm Just the size , In addition, the shaft 2726mm The length of , From these data, it is also better than mine H6 It takes a little longer .

A lot of innovations have been made in the interior , I don't know if these designs are innovative in the automotive industry , It must be an innovation in the brand of Harvard , It's better than mine inside and outside H6 Be better , Or I won't say I regret it . In terms of power allocation 1.5T and 2.0T Two kinds of , Just say 1.5T . , The maximum horsepower is 168 The horsepower of ,2.0T It can reach 199 The horsepower of , With me H6 The only thing I can stand in the comparison is that the power of these two cars is the same .

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