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So far, the public can't surpass it. They don't even bring the reversing image, but the Chinese are willing to pay for it

2021-08-24 22:44:22 Oriental Information automobile

Reading guide : At present, the whole market is very depressed , There are so many people who are willing to raise the price of this car , Such things are rare even in history , Not to mention the current situation , Why on earth ?

Before that, there were few examples of selling cars at an increased price , Land Rover aurora is typical , When Land Rover first entered the Chinese market , Basically no one knows the brand , But later, it was favored by some rich local tyrants in China After that , It becomes SUV The divine vehicle in , Especially a small Land Rover SUV Aurora Land Rover , At the best time, many people are willing to raise the price of 200000 for this car , But even so, money is hard to buy , The automobile market environment was very good , Many models can be sold without promotion , It's not like the current market situation , But in this market state , There is also a model that can be so excellent .

In our domestic medium-sized car market , It basically belongs to the world of Germany and Japan , In these two series , It is also the most popular among Volkswagen and Toyota , These two brands have always been old rivals , You're no better than me , I'm no worse than you . But in this year's Toyota model SUV But let the public never surpass , This one SUV It's Toyota's Highlander . From this year's data , Hanlanda's monthly sales are hovering on the base of more than 10000 , Why is there such a car color score ? Toyota Highlander sells for 240000, but it doesn't even have a common reversing radar , Actually, someone will be willing to raise the price to collect the car , Are people crazy now ? Of course not. .

Actually, the first point , Toyota SUV The reputation of the model in the mouth of consumers has always been very good , But like a bully , Models like Rand cooluze have always been loved by consumers , But everyone knows these two SUV Good is good , But how many people can buy it at such an expensive price , Hanlanda is actually a substitute for these two models , Once listed , It's straight red . The second point is that the car is indeed of good quality , There is always a label that can't be broken , stay SUV The world is also a famous good car , But the fact that it sold more than 200000 without reversing radar , Many car owners buy cars for quality , Small details like this , They don't care much , Because of its excellent reputation, it is passed on by word of mouth in the whole industry , Natural sales will come up .

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