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Skoda represents a large space, and the configuration upgrade is better than hanlanda

2021-08-24 22:52:25 Oriental Information automobile

Once it comes to big space SUV, Your first reaction was only hannanda , So it means that for this sub field , You don't know enough , The size of Skoda Kodiak directly rolled in hannanda , Has become a choice for more friends 7 seat SUV The object of consideration , And compared with hannanda's beggar level configuration , Kodiak's overall configuration level is relatively higher ,20 Ten thousand people value space and cost performance , It's more reliable to choose Kodiak .

The advantages of three row space and comfort remain , Configuration upgrade is more advanced

For Skoda and even the whole German Department SUV Field , Kodiak belongs to the main 7 The big space of the seat exists , So its spatial expression is natural, needless to say , Thanks to its size advantages , And proper design in the later stage , Kodiak's interior is spacious and comfortable , And the rear compartment space can also meet daily needs , The third row doesn't seem overcrowded , Although it's not as comfortable as the first two rows , Only suitable for short-distance emergency needs , But at least three rows of the same level SUV comparison , Kodiak's third row performance is more guaranteed for comfort .

With the upgrading and listing of new models , Kodiak on the basis of large space , The configuration has been significantly upgraded , Pay special attention to the overall performance of science and Technology , Based on the previous central control screen , Start with a full LCD dashboard , Although it's important for 20 Wan's joint venture SUV Very common in , But in addition to the entry level, the rest are equipped with , It has reached the level of almost standard configuration , This is something that other joint venture partners can't do for the time being .

Besides , Kodiak also targets consumers who like to create an atmosphere in the car , Specially equipped with ten color atmosphere lamp , Although it only exists in the top model at present , However, the impact of ambient light on the overall environment inside the car is quite obvious , Friends who love the exquisite car life should be very interested , It's also worthwhile to spend more on buying a car .

The design details are optimized to show more refinement , The power adjustment is reliable and stable

Compared with these internal changes , The appearance of the model has not been changed too much , After all, Kodiak's exterior design belongs to a stable style , At first glance, it may not attract too much attention , But it doesn't look like aesthetic fatigue for a long time , Consumers running for a long time will naturally choose this kind of durable appearance , So Kodiak doesn't need to change the appearance too much , Start with details to enhance the sense of refinement , The logo at the rear of the new car is changed from the previous graphics to the letter style , This is the overall upgrading direction of Skoda family , In the future, the whole family should be replaced .

And when it comes to Kodiak's power part , In fact, compared with models of the same level , Kodiak's power options are not rich , But it also provides power options for different calibration versions , It seems that Kodiak is still conservative in terms of motivation . But awesome engine technology , Kodiak showed good handling performance with Volkswagen engine , For this big body , Full load 7 Human state , Kodiak accelerated performance without pressure , Just test drive Kodiak , Everyone should be satisfied with its linear acceleration performance and clear shift logic , This is the consistent level of mass technology , It won more favor for Kodiak's dynamic performance .

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