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What's the strength of BYD song pro? The measured fuel consumption is 6.3, and the space is larger

2021-08-24 22:52:31 Oriental Information automobile

Now the biggest concern in the automotive industry , It has gradually changed from brand advantage to energy advantage . The first is people's growing environmental awareness , It is said that people go high , Man is a thinking animal , For thousands of years, we have taken conquering nature as our ultimate goal , Although the realization of this goal has been found to be impossible , People soon realized this problem , Start protecting , Although there is a suspicion of lifting a stone and hitting yourself in the foot , But it's never too late to mend .

When all walks of life strive to be a model of environmental protection , Cars are no exception . A series of actions implemented successively , Also with their own actions to prove . To say that BYD has achieved the most remarkable results in this regard in China, we also need to say that , It is under many domestic halos , It can be said to be the glow of fireflies . But he did a great job quietly , In the research and development of new energy , At present, there is no sleep in China to stand up and shout . Although it has focused on new energy in recent years , But traditional models also appear alternately . It's like song... Released not long ago Pro. So BYD song Pro How about strength ? Measured fuel consumption 6.3, More space .

In terms of the overall design , It is one of the few teams with well-known designers , Before, when domestic sales were depressed , It depends on the design of rich national style elements , Saved a hand , Coupled with the transformation of energy , It has changed its situation at home . I believe many people understand the specific design it uses , This is in the traditional Chinese concept , An image of power and auspicious omens , To a large extent, it can represent the Chinese thought of the whole feudal period , This is also an important factor for the success of the new design .

But these are also revealing external designs , Just the overall interior , BYD has made a breakthrough in the past two years . The first is the application of the central control screen , Although many models on the market are trying to expand the screen size , But the design that can rotate is that it is used skillfully . The song dynasty Pro This is the design used in , Many car owners said , After buying it home, both friends and children at home are very curious about this design .

Now adopt a new way of energy consumption , In addition to protecting the environment , And reduce the economic expenditure in the later stage , It's also a matter of killing two birds with one stone , For many consumers , That's what I'm most concerned about . BYD can be said to have achieved a strategic victory in this regard , Many people know , But for ordinary fuel vehicles , Its achievements are areas that most people don't understand . According to the owner who has started , Your odometer already has 3000 Kilometers , The lowest fuel consumption in recent 100 kilometers has reached 6.3, Every day to and from work, in addition to the highway , The roads in the urban area also account for a large part . Its overall performance is lower than expected before picking up the car , Now the car is still in the running in period , I think the fuel consumption will be lower after the first service .

As for spatial representation , The machine 2.7 Models with large wheelbase of meters , It doesn't look like a compact in the overall feeling , You can cross your legs in the back . There are also many small storage spaces in the car , It's very convenient to put some things at hand . If there are any shortcomings , Its noise is quite obvious , I hope it can be improved in the future .

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