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Case sharing of BMW 7 Series oxygen sensor replacement and rear shock absorber replacement

2021-08-24 22:52:37 Oriental Information automobile

BMW 7 Repair and replace the oxygen sensor and replace the rear shock absorber

The fault phenomenon : A BMW today 7 The car owner came to check and repair , It reflects the engine shaking when the vehicle starts cold , Turn on the engine light , The rear right shock absorber collapsed . According to the professional equipment inspection of Tengfeng maintenance master, it is found that the oxygen sensor is faulty , The rear shock absorber is damaged and air leaks , Cause the collapse shock absorber to fail to work properly , The maintenance plan is to replace the oxygen sensor and shock absorber .

Mention the oxygen sensor , Let's start with the engine fault light , In order to facilitate the correct diagnosis of the vehicle , Engineers introduced the body self diagnosis system ,OBD The concept of diagnosis began in the United States , The United States itself has ” Sampling inspection of vehicles in use ” requirement , However, due to the limited number of cars , To make up for that , Use the fault lighting mechanism , Take the initiative to ask the driver to return the defective vehicle for repair , It also reduces the problem of long-term driving of vehicles with poor emissions . therefore “ Engine trouble light ” It is often called “ Discharge lamp ”.

Oxygen sensor is one of the important sensors in engine control system , Poor operation of the oxygen sensor will affect the normal operation of the engine . The function of oxygen sensor is to detect the concentration of oxygen in exhaust gas , And to ECU Send a feedback signal , Again by ECU Control the increase or decrease of fuel injection quantity of fuel injector , Thus, the air-fuel ratio of the mixture is controlled near the theoretical value . The function of the sensor is to determine whether there is excess oxygen in the exhaust after engine combustion , That is, the oxygen content , The oxygen content is converted into voltage signal and transmitted to the engine computer , So that the engine can realize the closed-loop control aiming at the excess air factor ; Ensure that the three-way catalytic converter is protected against hydrocarbons in the exhaust (HC)、 carbon monoxide (CO) Nitrogen oxides (NOX) All three pollutants have the greatest conversion efficiency , Maximize the conversion and purification of discharged pollutants .

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