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The five most durable models in China have no overhaul for 90km. The repairman shed tears when he saw them

2021-08-24 23:07:08 Oriental Information automobile

TOP1、 Toyota corolla ( corolla ) As a best-selling family car , Carola has more than... In the world 4000 Million users , There is no doubt that it is the king of car sales in the world . Whether at home or abroad , It can be seen everywhere , With good fuel economy and ten-year trouble free durability , Carola's hedge ratio has also been strong . The repairman looked at it and burst into tears !

TOP2、 Volkswagen Santana (SANTANA) Volkswagen Santana is one of the first cars to enter the Chinese market , It's the so-called preconception , Santana still has a certain weight in the hearts of Chinese people . Even now that major models are blooming everywhere , There are still many old Santana flying on the road . Santana's leather is solid and durable. Everyone must see it , The most natural thing to see is the extensive use of coach cars and taxis . therefore , Volkswagen Santana can certainly be regarded as the representative of durable models .

TOP3、 Volkswagen Jetta (Jetta) If you have to find a durable model to represent , A car more famous than Santana , Then this seat must be Jetta ! It is also the preferred model for driving schools , Jetta is also a very familiar car for Chinese people . in addition , The quality of Jetta needless to say , Created China "50 No major repairs for 10,000 kilometers " and "90 No major repairs for 10,000 kilometers " Record models , It is the Jetta king of the public !

TOP4、 Honda accord (Accord) Honda Accord is also a " Has a long history " The models , After more than 40 years of evolution , Now comes the ninth generation , It has always been known for its stability . Both domestic sales and overseas sales are ideal , It can be seen how excellent its quality is , And Honda's engine is absolutely world-class , Accord also relies on reliable body design and power matching , To obtain the 2014 The champion of medium and high-end cars in China's vehicle reliability research , Well deserved durable models represent .

TOP5、 Toyota Highlander (Highlander) Low failure rate is Toyota's tradition , Hanlanda naturally inherited this advantage . At present, the latest generation of hanlanda is the same in North America and China , Just to adapt to domestic regulations , The third row is reduced by a head restraint , Nominally, it has become 7 car , Actually, I can sit 8 personal . On the chassis, hanlanda also adopts the same chassis system as Camry , And with Lexus RX Have a strong blood relationship . The conclusion is : The space is spacious 、 Easy maintenance 、 Durable .

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