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VW pushed SUV again, with a strength of 111800 seconds, which was hard to beat H6

2021-08-24 23:07:18 Oriental Information automobile

It seems that the public is determined to take Harvard H6 Knocked down , Last year Jetta became an independent brand , Then it launched Volkswagen Da VS5, This car has achieved good sales , Won everyone's trust , Or laid a good foundation , Volkswagen Jetta has launched VS7, This time, the public again focused on Harvard H6 On the body , Let's meet Volkswagen Jetta VS7, See if it can bring down Harvard H6, Public push again SUV, Strength can second hannanda ,11.18 ten thousand , To bring down H6 Spell it. .

Volkswagen Jetta ( Parameters | picture )VS7() The pre-sale price of is 11.18~14.28 ten thousand , And haver H6() Be roughly the same , And... Are used in the front face VS5() The same design style , But it doesn't make consumers feel tired , Still for Volkswagen Jetta VS7 I like the appearance of , The chrome plated decorative strips stacked on the face improve the overall aura , The lower bumper is also surrounded by chrome trim , And the upper half , It has played a good connecting role . Waistline movement is simple , Full of momentum and high spirited style .

Volkswagen Jetta VS7 The interior is also wonderful , Style and VS5 As like as two peas , The center console is decorated with a little chrome trim , It feels a lot more refined , Most of the configuration inside is touch , It's full of science and Technology , The whole system is equipped with electronic shift handbrake as standard , Automatic parking ,LED headlamps , Wireless charging of mobile phone , Auto sensing headlights , Anti pinch function of window , Window one button lifting function , With... On the front and back USB Interface .

The driver's seat of the Chinese version is equipped with electrically adjustable seat and lumbar support , Air outlet of rear air conditioner ,12 Two charging interfaces , Panoramic sunroof , Pre collision safety systems are standard in the whole system , Finally, it reflects the kindness of the public , Volkswagen Jetta VS7 The volume of the trunk can be expanded to 1227L, Because of the flat plate made of the tail wing , Consumers will feel more lenient when using .

Dynamic part , Volkswagen Jetta VS7 With 1.4T Turbocharged engine , Power up to 111 kw , The fuel consumption index of 100 km is 6.7 l , It has a certain blessing impact on its strength .

Small make up comment on . I didn't understand why Volkswagen Czech conference has become a brand , Later I realized that FAW was completely trying to compete with SAIC , SAIC has Skoda in the middle and low-end fields , FAW is completely blank in this field , This is naturally intolerable for FAW , So I upgraded Jetta . Jetta has one of the biggest advantages compared with Skoda , That's popularity , With a huge consumer group , And this is what Skoda lacks , So this time SAIC Volkswagen lost again .

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