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After the high-speed price increase of etc, there is a new policy

2021-08-24 23:13:38 Oriental Information automobile

2019 In, the whole country was carrying out ETC, Major banks are also encouraging car owners to handle ETC. Get into 2020 Years later, , Our country ETC It's getting more and more popular , Many car owners thought they could enjoy the installation ETC Later convenience , I didn't expect to install ETC But it has brought a lot of trouble to car owners . High speed toll stations from north to South , There have been traffic jams to varying degrees , Even ETC The driveway is also blocked into a large parking lot .

install ETC It can improve traffic efficiency , In theory, we should reduce traffic jams , Why are traffic jams getting more and more serious ? The authorities dumped the pot to the truck , Think truck ETC Low popularity , Will lead to a serious traffic jam . install ETC In addition to being prone to traffic jams , Car owners found that highway fees also began to rise . In the past, the average charge per kilometer was 5 dime , Now the price has gone up .

The relevant departments explained this , Because of our country's ETC Just beginning to popularize , Local policies are not perfect , After dismantling the provincial toll station , The electronic system of the toll station has not been completely updated , Therefore, the charge will fluctuate to a certain extent . There is another new news recently ,2020 Highway in ETC The charge amount will no longer be displayed , When people pay at high speed, they can no longer see how much money they pay .

When I pass the toll station in the future , The charge screen will not show how much money has been deducted . After knowing the news , Many car owners complain , Kneel down and beg the high-speed toll department to change back . Previous owners found ETC Arbitrary deduction of fees , Timely report to relevant departments after discovery , The amount of deduction will not be displayed when passing through the toll station , Even if the owner is deducted more money, I don't know . Many car owners don't understand , Why do you handle ETC After that, the deduction amount will not be displayed ?

The relevant departments responded in this way , Because China's high-speed adopts the charging method of segmented charging , Some provincial toll stations have also been demolished , Some car owners spend a long time on the highway , If you cross the sky ,ETC The fee will be settled in two days . Because the high-speed billing method in China has changed , Therefore, the deduction amount will no longer be displayed when passing the Expressway . The relevant departments promised not to deduct more money from the owner , But many car owners find ETC Already secretly withholding fees .

Just handled ETC after , Many car owners find that repeated fee deduction often occurs during a trip to the Expressway , A truck driver ran away 2000 The cost of multi kilometer high-speed is as high as 14.7 Ten thousand yuan .ETC The popularity of the system is not long , Therefore, many defects have not been repaired , The system also often makes mistakes . You don't have to worry about this , Relevant departments are repairing these errors in time , Even if more money is deducted, it will be returned to the owner , Do you regret handling ETC Well ?

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