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The first willanda entered the store, with a fuel consumption of 4.3L

2021-08-24 23:26:52 Oriental Information automobile

When it comes to domestic SUV, We have to say Harvard h6 The car , It has been on the market for many years SUV Sales King position . Why does this happen , Maybe people think this car is cheap , The space is large , Rich configuration , Of course, we can't deny that there are reasons behind the high sales of this car , But the key is that the Great Wall is SUV The field has a rich product layout , Like haver h series , The harvard m Series and so on , Each model can meet the requirements of different consumers , Finally, the Great Wall in SUV The market has gained the greatest say .

Because the joint venture car is in SUV The living space in the field is gradually shrinking , So he “ play ” Two car strategy , Like the familiar popular mountain exploration ( Parameters | picture )、 Road yue ( Parameters | picture ) Two brothers , Honda - Haoying ( Parameters | picture ) and crv( Parameters | picture ) this “ two brothers ”, They are all the products of the two car strategy . As a Japanese brand, Toyota , Also began to develop in this regard , Unveiled a new model, willanda ( Parameters | picture ), The car is matched with Rongfang , formation “ Two legs ” Walking to compete with domestic cars .

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