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Sticking to the low-end market, how far can Nezha go?

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Nezha automobile devotes a lot of energy to building medium and low-end models , Ignore the shaping of the product power of high-level models , It will make the product dimension of the enterprise narrower and narrower , At the same time, the brand will also be shaped by consumers , It is not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise .

When When the sales of Nezha cars are rising , Waiting for it may not be entering the first echelon of the coveted new forces of car making , But into a narrower and narrower road .

First half of this year , Nezha's sales performance in the new energy market can be used “ rise rapidly ” To describe . By 7 End of month , The amount of insurance on Nezha's car has reached 23285 car , Wei Xiaoli, second only to the first echelon of the new forces of car making .

however , There is a big hidden danger in Nezha's sales distribution .


From before this year 7 According to the insurance volume data of last month , Although Nezha's market performance is increasing month by month , However, the dependence on a single low-end model is too strong . front 7 Last month, Nezha's car insurance volume reached 23285 car , The main contributions come from Nezha V, This car was built before this year 7 The insured amount for the last month is 19348 car , Account for the total insurance volume of Nezha's car 83%.


Which zha V It is the third model launched by Nezha automobile , This small SUV The price range after subsidy is 5.99 ten thousand -12.08 Ten thousand yuan , But what really sells is 5.99 ten thousand -7.59 Models in the 10000 yuan range . At present, among the three giants in the first echelon of new car building forces , The average selling price of Weilai exceeds 40 Ten thousand yuan , Ideal ideal ONE The price is 33.8 Ten thousand yuan , Xiaopeng sells P7 Price range: 22.99 ten thousand -40.99 Ten thousand yuan , And its sales volume is higher than that of Nezha V Still high .

thus it can be seen , Although Nezha car relies on Nezha V The market performance of seems to be close to Wei Xiaoli in terms of sales , However, if the price factor of its models is also introduced into the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises , More than 80% of sales are not enough 10 In fact, there is still a big gap between the Nezha car of 10000 yuan model and the first camp . And the more Nezha relied on Nezha V To increase sales , The gap with the first echelon will become larger .


Actually , Nezha also promoted its brand before 、 The idea of upgrading models . After the launch of the first model, Nezha N01 after , Its second model, Nezha U It's aimed at improving the power of products . But Nezha U The market performance of has been inferior to that of Weima at the same level EX5 He Xiaopeng G3, The delay can not bring obvious pulling effect to Nezha's sales , It also made Nezha gradually give up the position of its main model , Turn to support Nezha who contributes more to sales V.


From before this year 7 The last month's Insurance volume data can be seen that , Which zha U before 4 The monthly insurance volume is less than 100 units in a single month , stay 4 At the end of this month, the new Nezha was listed at the Shanghai Auto Show U Pro after , Its sales volume ranges from 5 It began to rise slowly in January .

But here's the thing , Nezha listed at Shanghai Auto Show U Pro Price range: 9.98 ten thousand -15.98 Ten thousand yuan , Than Nezha before U Of 13.98 ten thousand -19.98 The price range of 10000 yuan has been pulled down as a whole 4 Ten thousand yuan . And with Nezha U Weima at the same level EX5 Price range of 14.68 ten thousand -19.88 Ten thousand yuan , Xiao peng G3 Price range of 14.98 ten thousand -19.98 Ten thousand yuan , The entry-level model is better than Nezha U Pro Higher than 5 Ten thousand yuan , The top model is also better than Nezha U Pro Higher than 4 Ten thousand yuan , But Nezha U Pro But failed to take advantage of sales .

Through Nezha U Pro Want to compete in the market at a low price , But it failed to get the expected advantage in sales. The result can be seen that , Nezha's low price 、 Cost effective tactics are just right 10 Models below 10000 yuan are easy to use . Because consumers who buy this level of models have a relatively limited budget , They pay more attention to the purchase cost and cost performance of the car , The requirements for function and comfort are not so high . However, when the product level rises to 15 After ten thousand yuan , Users are more concerned about the product experience , The demand for price is not so strong , This clear demand greatly limits the playing space of Nezha car in the price war .

however , Immersed in the joy of rising sales, Nezha didn't seem to realize , Hitting the market through low-cost cars can really bring an increase in sales in the short term , But it has been buried in the middle and low-end market , There will be great limitations on the long-term development of the brand .

also , Besides Nezha car itself , Its partners also agree with Nezha's practice of developing medium and low-end models .


This year, 5 month 11 Japan ,360 The group announced to lead the investment in Nezha automobile D Round investment , And become the second largest shareholder of Nezha automobile . Nezha car and 360 The cooperation itself is not very favored by the outside world . Zhou Hongyi disclosed at the previous press conference , Due to Wei Lai 、 Xiao peng 、 Ideals are on the market , Traditional car manufacturers don't need him much , So he has less room to choose . The implication is that Nezha's car is just 360 Go back for the next choice .

For Nezha car , Now in the new energy vehicle market , The competition of electrification is not the most critical , Intelligent competition is the core . However ,360 No achievements in key intelligent interaction and automatic driving , And other car companies BAT、 Huawei and other technology companies jointly develop intelligent electric vehicles , Nezha's car came from 360 There is not much support that can greatly improve the product power .

therefore ,360 Looking for Nezha car is just to catch up with the tail of the transformation to smart car , And Nezha chose 360 More for financing and future IPO Make an endorsement , The cooperation between the two sides was not based on a clear vision and long-term goals , It is difficult to judge how high this cooperation can bring Nezha car , But Zhou Hongyi as 360 Boss , But has begun to intervene in the development orientation of Nezha automobile .

stay 360 At the press conference of investing in Nezha automobile , Zhou Hongyi put forward his own views on the price range of Nezha's products , He made it clear that he would lower the price of Nezha's car to 10 Ten thousand yuan or so . from 360 A series of actions of investing in Nezha car can be seen , Zhou Hongyi now has a great voice in Nezha car , And he gave Nezha's future positioning , It is likely that the focus of Nezha's development will be confined to the low price range, which is difficult to change .


In Zhou Hongyi's car to Nezha “ Set the tone ” after , Nezha's car also followed his train of thought “ Building cars for the people ” The slogan of the . If you are familiar with the new energy vehicle market, you may feel familiar with the slogan of Nezha automobile , This title is similar to that of BAIC new energy long ago “ National car ” There are great similarities in the tone .

That year , BAIC new energy, as the earliest enterprise to develop electric vehicles in China , rely on “ National car ” Low selling price 、 Cost effective strategy , In one fell swoop, he won the title of sales volume champion in the pure electric vehicle market , And won the title for many years . however , It is precisely because of the high sales performance of national cars for many years , Let BAIC new energy too indulge in the achievement of sales champion , Devote a lot of energy to promoting national cars 、 Increase sales figures , But ignore the research and development of higher-level products , This led to the rapid fall of BAIC new energy when the tide of intelligent electric vehicles swept across .

meanwhile , The national car image created over the years has also been attached to BAIC new energy “ Low end products ” My hat is hard to get rid of , Even the high-end brand Jihu launched by BAIC Blue Valley has been directly affected .

Now for Nezha cars , It seems to be following the old road of BAIC new energy in the past , If we keep on developing 10 Products within 10000 yuan , In recent one or two years, it may indeed catch up with Wei Xiaoli in sales . But a lot of energy is spent on building medium and low-end models , Ignore the shaping of the product power of high-level models , It will make the product dimension of the enterprise narrower and narrower , At the same time, the brand will also be shaped by consumers , It is not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise .


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