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Experience "beggar version" yinglang: 1.5L + 6at, with exquisite appearance and spacious space, selling for 70000

2021-08-24 23:37:09 Oriental Information automobile

There are always some netizens on the Internet who think they want to buy cars , As long as the quality is good , The price is low , Configuration is not important , It is called the car as a means of transportation . Is that really the case ?

Today, we went to the store and experienced a joint venture car with a very cheap price , That's the Buick yinglang . In order to better confirm these netizens' statements , We went to the store to experience the entry-level models .

In terms of pricing range , The manufacturer's guide price of Buick yinglang is 11.99 000 yuan to 12.59 Ten thousand yuan , The entry-level price is about 7 Ten thousand yuan or so . Let's see if this car is what you want .

In terms of appearance design , The fashion sense of Buick yinglang model is still very good , Looks pretty , It's also quite classy , Equipped with a led The daytime running lights , Halogen headlamp with lens , And the headlight presents a more sharp design . Straight waterfall air inlet grille is adopted inside the air inlet network , Chrome plated material is used for decoration , The appearance feeling is still very good , But the lower part of the front face is decorated with a circle of black plastic , It seems that the sense of grade is not enough .

From the side , It is equipped with a double five width sports hub , The hub size is 26, It looks a little small , The waist line of the body adopts a continuous zigzag design , Effectively enhance the visual sense of the side , The black adhesive strip around the window is directly exposed , The grade seems to have been reduced .

I don't think there is much to be picky about the design of the tail , It's still relatively simple and refreshing , The design of the tail lamp is also very textured . Besides , The tail of this yinglang is slightly raised , A spoiler design is formed . Body data section , In fact, the positioning of Buick yinglang is similar to that of Volkswagen Langyi , The length, width and height are respectively 4609/1798/1464mm, The wheelbase is 2640mm, The car width is particularly ideal , Other data are mediocre , Let's move on to interior design .

I can't make complaints about the whole interior. , Let's see if it's what you want . The whole interior is all black , A lot of hard plastics are used in the car , The bare plastic steering wheel hardly feels good , And the smell in the car is obvious , The material assembly is stiff . This Buick yinglang doesn't even have a radio , Directly, a black plastic plate decorates the central control part . But fortunately, the silver stroke design is used in the car , Added a touch of modernization . The seat is made of full fabric , The fabric really feels rough .

Let's look at the back space , This yinglang has a lot of space in the back , It is also equipped with an air conditioning outlet , Coupled with the low degree of platform uplift , The comfort of riding is guaranteed . Or that sentence , The smell in the car is really too obvious , And there is no skylight , So the new car must be ventilated and smell less .

Finally, let's take a look at the power system of the car , This yinglang has two types of power , One is 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 113 horsepower , Peak torque 141N·m, Another engine uses 1.3T Add 48V The light hybrid system . Both models are equipped with a six speed manual transmission , And the price and discount are exactly the same . It is worth mentioning that , The hybrid model uses a three cylinder engine .

As for the chassis design , Buick yinglang is more comfortable than Volkswagen , Xuanyi is better , Equipped with front McPherson independent suspension , Rear multi link independent suspension . Comfort must be better than torsion beam independent suspension , But yinglang is the simplest multi link suspension .

summary : This Buick yinglang can be regarded as one of the lowest price hatchback cars of its own brand , Do you see its rough interior ? Yes, of course , Its price advantage is particularly obvious .

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