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Honda no longer has "absolute" influence! Chinese auto companies began to fight back with high quality

2021-08-24 23:37:13 Oriental Information automobile

Independent brands have developed rapidly in the past two years , How to prove ? You can see that the probability of domestic cars on the road is getting higher and higher , I feel that I even begin to share the world with foreign auto brands . All of this , Thanks to the enterprising spirit of our own brands .

Once said 15 About 10000 SUV, Maybe many people will mention Honda CR-V, This model is also well known by many consumers , It's also a city suv The originator of . But for now , Honda CR-V There are many strong challengers in the domestic auto market , For example, GAC motor, which was just launched some time ago GS4 PLUS.

It's hard to imagine trumpchi GS4 PLUS The positioning of also began to challenge Honda CR-V, The original independent brands took the initiative to avoid these hot joint venture brands SUV Competitive interval , But now I have confidence , Start a hard fight . So trumpchi GS4 PLUS Did you pry Honda CR-V What about our ability ? Today, let's talk about trumpchi GS4 PLUS This model .

Look at the price , The kei GS4 PLUS The price is quite kind , The price of the flagship model is 14.99 Ten thousand yuan , And Honda CR-V With a certain degree of overlap , But the flagship version of trumpchi GS4 PLUS Corresponding to the entry-level Honda CR-V Price . In terms of price , The kei GS4 PLUS Has gained a first mover advantage .

In fact, in addition to the price advantage , The kei GS4 PLUS It's a great looking , The interior space is comfortable , powerful , With good appearance suv, And the safety factor is also commendable , It can be called a very comprehensive and balanced SUV.

From the appearance design point of view , The kei GS4 PLUS Provides two different styles of front face design , This is relatively rare in independent brands , Even there are few joint venture brands at this price , In some luxury brands, there will be dual appearance for consumers to choose . Look at the front face , Design with parameterized grid star wings , Another set of grid is the design of vertical grid seismic wing , These two sets of front face designs represent vitality , Unique and courageous design sense , Which is your dish ?

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