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Only understand the 21st issue of car history? About the past Lamborghini, you have five records you don't know

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Throughout the history of Lamborghini , There are countless records and the first to make St. Agata · Bolognese house has become a manufacturing place of excellence and innovation in the automotive industry . Here are five records you may not know :


1. Marzal: The car with the largest glass surface area :4.5 Square meters

from Marcello Gandini by Carrozzeria Bertone The design of the Marzal Designed to create a four seater luxury travel sports car , Make it an indicator of global style and Design . Give Way Marzal The distinctive features of the design include the interior , Completely silver leather and hexagonal decoration , The central theme of the whole design is repeated in as many details as possible , And with the instrument panel 、 The shapes of the rear window and console echo each other . But the most striking feature is up to 4.5 Square meters of large area glass , Contains most gull wing doors , And extend to the roof . This special design means Marzal It's a fully functional display car , Has the largest glass surface in automotive history .





2. Miura: From the youngest design team in Lamborghini's history , Average age 29 year

From the beginning of entrepreneurship ,Ferruccio Lamborghini Just want to be talented 、 Capable young people provide enough room to play , and Miura This is a typical example of this idea .


In order to challenge the competitors at that time and start his company ,Ferruccio Talented collaborators selected from the youngest professionals in the University and car industry .1966 year ,Sant'Agata Brand history includes the youngest designers Marcello Gandini And the test driver Bob Wallace Are all 28 year , Chief engineer Gian Paolo Dallara And assistant engineers Paolo Stanzani Are all 30 year . The average age is only 29 A strong young team of years old gives Miura life , An extraordinary car destined to become a legend . These young people later became masters in their respective fields of the car industry , This clearly proves that Ferruccio Lamborghini Foresight in brand management .


3. Miura: The car is high 105.5cm, Minimum mass production road vehicles

stay 1960 years , Low height and winding aerodynamic form are the most important aspects in the minds of designers developing sports cars . lamborghini Miura The height of is only 1055mm, It is the lowest mass production car in the history of the car industry , This record is Lamborghini DNA Part of . today , This modeling feature is still an integral part of Lamborghini modeling .




 4. LM002: The first in history Super SUV

As a model for the main purpose of developing military high-performance off-road vehicle , Lamborghini ended up with LM002 Put into mass production , And in 1986 It made its debut at the Brussels Auto Show .



At launch ,LM002 It's a completely different car from any other model on the market , Its shape and performance are absolutely leading , A super sports car similar to Lamborghini . It comes from Countach Of 5167c.c. V12 engine , stay 6800rpm Available at 450hp Maximum horsepower , And it has excellent off-road ability and strong design with outstanding lines .1986 to 1992 A total of 300 platform .



LM002 The body is made of aluminum and fiberglass , Equipped with all wheel drive 、 Two speed transfer case with central locking differential , Able to cope with up to 120% Slope of , It is the first car in the history of Super SUV. This achievement was made by Lamborghini Urus Direct inheritance , Return to the market again and succeed , Make this new super SUV Get affirmation .



5. Countach: The first car with scissors doors

Lamborghini vertical door , Also known as scissors door , It's the most iconic Lamborghini ever V12 One of the distinguishing features of supercars . Revolutionary Countach from Marcello Gandini On 1971 Year design , It is the first mass production vehicle equipped with such vertical opening doors , Today, it is still a prominent feature of Lamborghini's most powerful model . The choice of this technology is not only related to aesthetics , And it is related to the practicability of upward opening . When reversing , It allows the driver to better see the area behind the car , It solved the problem of poor rear visibility of super sports cars at that time , And the problem that the long door cannot be opened when parking in a narrow space .


from Countach My successor Diablo To Murciélago、Reventón、Veneno、Centenario, And finally Aventador series :Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae, The doors that open vertically have become Lamborghini 12 Cylinder models DNA The basic characteristics of .



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