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[kick car Q & A] can hybrid car maintenance save money?

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problem 1

Li sir Hello, Miss Xia , I'd like to ask about the batteries of new energy vehicles , Three yuan lithium battery 、 Which is better, quaternary lithium battery or lithium iron phosphate battery ? And who will unify the future market ? If you buy a car with lithium iron phosphate battery now , A few years later, the market will be replaced with lithium batteries , If the iron lithium battery is eliminated, is the preservation rate about to plummet ?

answer : Quaternary lithium battery is probably adding some aluminum to reduce the use of cobalt , But this technology is of little value , because 811 The cobalt content of ternary lithium battery is only 10%, Add aluminum , The amount of cobalt that can be reduced is very limited , Unless it's completely cobalt free , Otherwise, it will not bring any actual economic value , Because the increase of manufacturing complexity will increase the cost .


Lithium iron phosphate battery is a cobalt free lithium battery , Its disadvantage is that the energy density is significantly lower than that of ternary lithium battery , meanwhile , It already has the advantage that the cost is significantly lower than that of ternary lithium battery , and , It's more durable , Better chemical stability , Non flammable . The current trend , More lithium iron phosphate batteries are used , Not less . Because the radius is short , Where the mileage is not required to be very long , Electric vehicles equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries will significantly reduce the price of the car , And more durable and reliable .


After the ternary lithium battery was retired from the car , If you want to use it in storage plants and other places , It's dangerous , Life is short . And lithium iron phosphate batteries , It has good subsequent use performance . Look at it this way , To say , Lithium iron phosphate battery has certain advantages .

problem 2

Guoba I test drove Lincoln's car the other day 2.0T and 2.7T Two displacement navigator . The question I want to ask you is :

1. Ford's this EcoBoost 2.0 The engine , With the public EA888 The three generation 2.0( My house “ Wei LAN ” Of ; High power version ) Which is more advanced ?( notes : The book parameters of navigator are higher than Wei Lan . But during the test drive , Even in the S files , start 、 The acceleration is still not as good as Wei Lan ! Of course , The navigator weighed more than 200 kilograms than Wei Lan )

2. even “ The presidential version ” Our navigator , The front suspension is also McPherson style , Why not a double wishbone ? Out of cost or other considerations ? thank you .

answer : Book parameter is a very vague concept , It is the data measured by the manufacturer , The government does not require it to be verified by its independent measurement . The measurement methods of various manufacturers are different , It is often difficult for the published figures to make accurate horizontal comparison . This is why the media should test the accelerated performance , Because this is the actual performance effect that users really get .


As for your comparison here , The problem is that not only the engine is different , The types of cars are also significantly different . If you want to 2.0T Or Tiguan L To compare the acceleration experience , I'm afraid it has more reference significance . Weilan is a medium-sized car , The navigator is a medium-sized SUV, Weight is one thing , The shape of the car body also has a great influence , and , Because of different varieties , There are great differences in engineering requirements , Based on this, the adjustment and setting are different . also , The transmission of dual clutch gearbox will also be better than AT The automatic transmission is more direct .


Speaking of suspension , Generally, the platform of the transverse precursor , The design of the front suspension is McPherson , There is hardly any other type now . A car with a longitudinal engine , Double fork arm is adopted . One side , McPherson's cost is really low , On the other hand , The transverse engine occupies a large transverse space , Usually there is no space for double wishbones .



The suspension system is part of the body structure , Without having to , Will not change its main structure . The common change is , Cross drive , Torsion beam for rear suspension , And if there is a 4WD , The rear suspension will be changed to multi link independent , Like Volkswagen Golf . There is also high and low configuration , Embodied in parts , Such as air spring and coil spring , Adaptive shock absorber and ordinary shock absorber .

problem 3

ASU Hello, Miss Xia , I'd like to ask you about the domestic SUV among ,15 Inside , Which chassis adjustment gives you the best impression ?

answer : Of course, link 02. So I bought one .

problem 4

Small Paul peak Miss Xia , It has been decided plus DMi, Because I haven't been exposed to new energy vehicles , There are a lot of things I don't understand . This Atkinson cycle engine if you add 95 Oil no , Whether it can maximize its effectiveness , Less shock , More electricity ? Because most of the time is under an optimal working condition , It's hard to pull up the speed , Do you also need to add fuel additives regularly , Reduce carbon deposition ? Is there any difference between this plug-in hybrid engine and ordinary fuel vehicles in daily use ? Looking forward to the answer . Thank you, Miss Xia !

answer : The so-called best working condition means the working condition with the highest efficiency of the engine , Then it is the best working condition of combustion . Carbon deposit is produced only when the combustion is not good . You ordered a car with a better technical solution , The worry is the problem of the worse technology era , There is no need . Of course , The precondition is that its actual performance reaches the effect of this technology , because DMi It's a new technology , The time test can only wait enough “ Time ” Then there will be a definite result .


Fuel additives , I never have to . Because in the car scene where I live , It has no practical value . It is the product of engine and fuel quality in the last century , Now it's basically similar to the placebo in medicine , The difference is , Although it was added to the car , But the comfort is not the car , It's the owner . My experience is that , Just refuel according to the fuel label given by the vehicle manufacturer , Maintain on time , Is no problem . Some high-performance imported vehicles using special high-grade gasoline are another matter . Because on the one hand, they have high technical requirements , On the one hand, the adaptability is low .


Of course , Because the quality of fuel provided by gas stations may vary from place to place , It is necessary to use additives in some places . The gasoline provided by the gas station contains too much water , Inaccurate fuel label , If there are many colloidal impurities , It may cause problems , Especially the fuel injection head 、 The oil pipe is blocked , It may cause failure . Additives can dissolve impurities and carbon deposits , Relieve the obstruction to a certain extent , Improve the lubricity of gasoline pipeline, etc . This depends on the experience of car owners in their own local areas .

problem 5

Janssen : Excuse me, Mr. Xia , The engine oil change mileage of incremental program and hybrid motor car is the same as that of ordinary powertrain ,4S The store requires the same mileage , I don't think so , Please help me analyze and explain , Thank you very much

answer : Generally speaking , Maintenance is a fee service , in other words , This is for 4S The profitable business of the store . therefore , Generally, the set maintenance interval will be shorter than the time and mileage that the car can endure . If you can 1 Ten thousand kilometers to change the oil , The user manual often becomes 7000 km , even to the extent that 5000 km .


In high air cleanliness 、 Areas with high fuel quality , For example, Western Europe , The oil change interval of gasoline engine can reach 1.5 Thousands of kilometers . China's environment is poor , In Beijing, , It can also achieve 1 Thousands of kilometers . But , This maintenance interval is given according to the internal technical indicators of the engine , Manufacturers can fully grasp a high enough degree of freedom . It has the right to set as 5 Thousand kilometer maintenance , This implies , If you exceed your mileage , You may not get the complete guarantee of engine quality from the manufacturer , Users generally feel that there is no need to risk saving this money , Knowing that there is water , Also recognized . The same is true for adding programs or mixing .


Besides , Although the load of the engine in the hybrid system is significantly reduced , However, the manufacturer may also reduce the durability of the engine oil , In exchange for lower fuel consumption . There is time , Except for mileage intervals , There is still a time interval , Which usually comes first , Which one . Users can also roughly estimate a reference value , It depends on the fuel consumption ratio between the fuel consumption of your hybrid system and the pure fuel model equipped with the same fuel engine , Use this ratio to calculate a corresponding maintenance mileage . Because as long as the thermal efficiency of the engine is the same , Burn the same amount of gasoline , It's equivalent to doing the same amount of work .


To say the ultimate countermeasure , I always check the quality and quantity of oil through the dipstick , This tests your intelligence and endurance . A more strategic approach is to make several technician acquaintances in the maintenance industry , take “ greatest common divisor ”.

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During the outbreak , Have you used your car more or less ?

Wonderful message of last issue

Exchange issues in the previous period :

On whether to buy a house or a car first ?


Buy a house before buying a car , There have been many times , But the house is settled , This is also a Chinese tradition from ancient to modern times , Maybe I'm a more traditional person .

@A- Xiaozhan department store sells gifts

Buy a house or a car first ? Before wealth and freedom are realized , See which is more rigid , Just buy one first . I buy a house first , Buy another car , There are too many things tied up or attached to the house , Relatively speaking, the most basic function of the car is the transportation tool , So in today's traffic is so convenient , There's no need to worry too much about the car .

@ Ordinary grass

I think it's easy to choose between the room and the car first . A house is a necessity . No house affects the quality of life , The house is the basic and necessary condition of a home . No house, no home, just a tramp , A person's food, clothing, housing and transportation means a house . And the car is a consumer goods, which is an extension after meeting the needs of eating, drinking and sleeping , It is a supplement to life, a seasoning . Live well without a car ( Even though I have a car ) A car may meet personal needs in some ways, but it is far from something you can't leave . It's not a person's necessity , Necessary condition . It's just a icing on the cake . So you must buy a house first , As for the need to buy a car after buying a house, it depends on your own conditions and needs , like . There is no doubt that a house is necessary . It can't be reversed .


Housing without speculation is the main theme now , As an investment, try not to touch , If you just need it, you must buy a house to give people a sense of security , Especially the family needs a fixed living environment , The car is just a product of decals on the brocade of life , not essential , Unlike a house, it is a necessary product , And the two are totally different in creating a sense of security , Moreover, in such an environment where the traditional concept of our country is relatively strong , therefore , My view is to buy a house first .

@ Rain flies away

Which is better to buy a house or a car first ? In fact, it can be understood from another angle, that is ! When you buy a house, decorate it and deliver it, will it be better for you to walk into your new home and give you satisfaction than to pick up a new car, wash the brand and take a lap ? The answer is yes , No matter how good the car is, it's not home. No one can live in the car, right .

@ Liu Zhipeng 13513466621

May consider housing first , If the job is stable and in line with yourself , The house and the work are stable , Good for work and life , This benefit is greater than that of the car , You can buy a used car , Besides, there are many ways to travel .

@ Snow child

For the common people , Of course, you have to buy a house first , If I bought a house more than ten years ago, I would have bought it , Thousands of yuan per square meter , Most people can afford , If I had bought a car with the money for a house , Then I can't afford a house anymore , Of course, except big business owners , Cars are getting cheaper , And the car you buy with the same money will be better and better , But now buying a car is a problem , Experience tells people to buy a good house in their early years , Buying two old cars will have both houses and indicators .

@ Xu Peng

Now the car is very cheap , There are no conditions to compare with the house in terms of price , The car is easy to buy if there is a need for transportation . Can't you buy a transportation tool when renting a house ?

@ cloud

Buy a car first , Now house prices in most areas are a joke .

@ Take a look

I choose to buy a car first . Because the car also has private properties , You can also move possessions . The house can't move , Buy a house and settle down . Today's economic and social development is active , Emphasize the free flow of personnel and resources , People are alive, but the house is tied , This shouldn't be ! Of course , Compared with us with strong agricultural national tradition , The attachment to land rights is deep-rooted , Now the house has become a substitute for land rights and interests, and it is also a load of traditional national consciousness . Ideas need to change , The state is also advocating the same right of rent and sale . With the improvement of the real right system , In particular, the deepening of the reform of the tax system , People's ideas will also change . May be the 21 Century's 30 after 40 In their eyes , Buy a car before buying a house , Even not selling a house is possible .

@ Rabbit agent REACTO

Buy a car first , Cars can extend your happiness , There are more discoveries and possibilities , The house cannot .

@Bumble BI

I don't know what others are like , I bought the car first and then the house .

@ I can eat two catties of meat recently

Look, just need it , If there is a community house , If you don't need to buy any more , You can buy a car first , If you want to move into a community house , Or get married young , Want to have their own independent space , It's better to buy a house first , Although house prices in some places are not as exaggerated as before , But the land price is really high now .

@ Pole control technology Tian Xu | JAKCOM Stone

Buy a house or a car first , I think the essence of this problem is to buy assets or liabilities first , The same thing , It can be counted as an asset , It can also become debt , It may be different for different people , Assets can expand more possibilities , Debt leads to a shortage of options , Whether the house is an asset or not , Is the car in debt , It depends on what kind of life we want to live .

@ Gu Weijun

Buy a house or a car first , There are too many personal factors . If the car can improve work efficiency , Not married yet , You can buy a car first . Have a family , The house must be the most important , Look at the needs of the family and then consider whether to buy a car .


Buy a house first and a car first , For ordinary income families and individuals , In terms of function , Buying a house and a car is to make life more convenient . You must buy a house first , Take the lead , Have a sense of security , Cars can be bought after taking a small part , Have a sense of happiness . But if it's all loan purchases , Compared with the car , Hold a candle to 20 year 30 Monthly payment for the year , Happiness is very low . Cars are relatively easy to achieve , Ordinary people work hard for a year or two , It's not a big problem to buy your own car , The probability of happiness will be higher .  I am in the so-called new first tier cities , Three years ago, when the lottery failed to buy a house , I bought my first car without hesitation , On the one hand, it improves work efficiency , On the other hand, the radius of life has become larger , The most important thing is that lifestyle and attitude are also changing , The end result still depends on the demand .   Many people buy cars and drive only two or three thousand kilometers a year , But as long as there is a need , And have the ability to pay for the demand and feel happy , It's good to buy a house or a car .  Dreams always come true one by one .

@ Ah Lishan

Women like to buy a house first , Men like to buy a car first ……

@An Tear home

This is probably not a multiple-choice question , People of different ages, different ideas and even different consumption habits have different choices , Give priority to the needs within your ability .


Today's Chinese Valentine's Day , It's convenient to buy a car , Buy a house safely and have a daughter-in-law .

@ Wei

If the house and car are necessities , Whether to buy a car or a house first , The answer is : After buying an RV first, there will be a car and a house , If you park your car in the second ring road of Beijing, you can tell your blind date that you have a house in the second ring road , Buy it in full , Of course, you can also park the RV in Lujiazui .

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