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FAW Hongqi HS5 is officially launched and provides 5 models

2021-08-24 23:53:35 Oriental Information automobile

The red flag HS5 It's on the market , How many riders are waiting for this bus , How much energy did it take ?5 month 26 The red flag listed on the th HS5, Maybe it gave some riders a good head , Why? ? The red flag HS5 It's a luxury brand SUV Do you ? As a medium-sized SUV Of HS5, The price is 18.38-24.98 ten thousand , A new car that wins at a low price , Can you bring the domestic independent brand of red flag back to the peak again ? New red flag brought by FAW red flag HS5, Five models have been launched for motorists to choose . As a home version SUV, Compare with opponents at the same level , Which side would you choose ?

Some medium-sized enterprises that have been listed SUV, The red flag HS5() Be superior in appearance and cost performance , For example, people explore the mountains ()、 Honda crown Road ()、 Explorer, wait , Adopt the latest design language of the current red flag , High grade and texture , The models under the red flag give people the feeling of being tall before , After all, it was only used to pick up and send officials . at present , Any car brand takes a sporty route , The red flag HS5 Also based on the red flag U-Concept( Parameters | picture ) Concept car shape design , The old way of design , The cool appearance makes riders love it .

The straight waterfall air inlet grille has a magnificent momentum , The two sides are connected with sharp LED Daytime running light , The lower barrel fog lamp is also very exquisite , The whole front face gives a young fashion texture . The car body is not bad , As a medium-sized SUV, The length, width and height of the body dimensions are respectively 4760*1907*1700mm, The wheelbase is 2870mm, The space is big enough , The entire underbody is packaged with chrome trim , It's very hierarchical . Set up 18 Inch wheel , Match with high-end tires , The specification is 255/45 R20.

The design on the tail is also very good , The iconic red flag is the most conspicuous , Connect the blackened tail lamp with chrome plated trim strip , The lower part is provided with double row single outlet exhaust pipe . As for motivation , New red flag HS5 Equipped with the standard of the whole series CA4GCTD-32 Type 2.0T In line four cylinder engine , The maximum output power is 224 horsepower , And what matches that is 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . The chassis adopts front McPherson rear multi link suspension . The whole power meets the emission standard of national VI , There are also four-wheel drive systems with high versions .

interiors , New red flag HS5 The interior is very luxurious , How can you say that ? Entire interior , First of all, the standard size of the whole system on the center console is 12.3 Inch connected dual LCD , Application of multimedia and intelligent locomotive system , Standard high configuration 12 Two speakers and Bose sound , Panoramic image and panoramic skylight , besides , There are many new configurations , It can be said that the red flag HS5 In order to be in the middle SUV The market has made a world , Also took great pains , Indeed, great achievements have been made .

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