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It is similar to the reduced version of "novel steed", split headlights + suspended roof, pre-sale 130000, so handsome!

2021-08-24 23:53:39 Oriental Information automobile

For our favorite Nissan , The new style Nissan Qijun appeared before has attracted the attention of many people , Because this model not only adopts the latest appearance design , It also uses a new 1.5T Three cylinder turbocharged engine as power , As a classic household mini in Nissan family SUV, At present, the new Nissan Xiaoke has also appeared in the overseas market. This model will also be produced in China in the near future, compared with the old model , The new Nissan Xiaoke , Obvious adjustments have been made in terms of appearance and interior upholstery , And in terms of power, a new 1.3T Turbocharged engine as power , In the gearbox, the classic CVT Automatic transmission . It looks like a reduced version “ Novel Jun ”, Split headlights + Suspended roof , Open to booking 13 ten thousand , How handsome !

According to the appearance of the vehicle, the new Nissan Xiaoke model , This time, a more dynamic and fashionable gray body paint coating is adopted , Moreover, the appearance of the whole vehicle has changed significantly compared with our previous old models , It not only introduces the same split headlights as Nissan Qijun, but also the latest chrome plated decorative air inlet grille , And the popular suspended roof and the latest style of large size , Double five piece sporty aluminum alloy wheels can be found on this car , And the tail lamp of the new Nissan Xiaoke also adopts a more sporty design .

From the interior of the vehicle , This new Nissan Xiaoke will use the latest 12.3 Inch LCD digital instrument and 10.8 Inch large central control screen , Compared with the old model, it has a stronger sense of science and technology , At the same time, the car also uses a new air conditioning outlet design , It also adopts the same electronic shift mechanism as Nissan Qijun , It can be said that the interior of the whole vehicle should have obvious concise characteristics .

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