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2.3t diesel engine + 7at Nissan's new Tuda was exposed and sold from about 230000 yuan

2021-08-24 23:54:12 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , We have obtained... From relevant sources , Information about Nissan's new Tuda , New car positioning hardliners SUV, The price of the new Tuda is 119.9 Wan Tai Bai , renminbi 23 All the sale

The appearance of the new car , It adopts the latest design language of Nissan family ,V V-shaped air inlet grille with chrome plated trim strip , Very young , fashion , The headlights have also been redesigned , The overall style is better than the current model , Become younger , motion

The profile of the new car , Highly similar to the current model , There are minor adjustments in some details , The lines of the car body are also very rich , The current model is a little dull , The shape of the tail is also more delicate , The dynamic , Tail Nissan LOGO The Tuda letters are also provided below LOGO, It is worth mentioning that , The new Nissan Tuda upgrades the rear wheel brakes , Change to rear wheel disc brake , It makes up for the shortcomings of cash models

The interior of the new model has also been redesigned , Become more modern , The color matching of the interior is also very dynamic , The central control screen is inlaid , The steering wheel adopts the latest generation of Nissan family , Keep in line with xinxinjun , It's cheaper than cash models , simple , Become more modern

Dynamic part , The new Tuda will be equipped with 2.

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