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Experience the "beggar version" Buick Regal: 1.5T + 9at, sporty appearance, high configuration, and lower price

2021-08-24 23:54:17 Oriental Information automobile

Many people have heard that The price of Buick Regal is very low , Especially the entry-level models , Today, in order to meet your wishes , We went to the store to experience the entry-level Buick Regal . Let's see if it's your food ? From the price range , The price of Buick Regal is 18.88 000 yuan to 24.98 Ten thousand yuan . At present, the price of the entry-level Regal is really low , Naked car only 14 Ten thousand yuan . It is worth mentioning that , Even the entry-level Buick Regal , Overall, the configuration is good .

From the appearance design point of view , The design of Buick Regal is still full of sportiness , And the details of the new Regal are better grasped , The grille inside the forward air network has become a discontinuous blackening design , It looks very textured . Eagle eyes are used on both sides Led High and low beam headlights , Coupled with the integration of led Daytime running light , The appearance sense of the front face is in place . From the side , It's using 5 A wide range of motion wheels , The body lines of the outer arch are quite obvious , And the upper part of the window is decorated with chrome plated strips . In the words of the manufacturer , The reason why the full window chrome strip is not used , Not because of the cost , But to press down the body posture , Create the effect of flying close to the ground .

The design of the tail has a little visual sense of lacrosse , It looks thick and heavy , It also has a circular sports tail , It can effectively reduce wind resistance . The tail light is similar to BMW 3 The smoke of the system ab Tail lights , And the interior texture is also very good , Look at the internal light source , Echoed with the headlights . Look carefully at the back of the car 552T, This model is 1.5T The models , at present 1.5T There are only two configurations . As for the body data section , Let's get to know , The length, width and height of Buick Regal are 4904/1863/1461mm, The wheelbase is 2826mm, The car body data is still quite ideal and up to standard , And many mainstream B Class cars are actually similar .

Let's enjoy the interior design of the car , I don't know if my friends see such an interior , Like it or not ? The whole interior is mainly home style , To tell you the truth, I personally don't like appearance sports very much , The interior is beige , It looks a little strange . The seats are made of imitation leather , If you buy a model with a higher configuration , Then it will become a design of leather and suede . Besides , A key shift design is also adopted , The original mechanical handle has disappeared . The central control part is equipped with 8 Inch touch LCD , And tilt towards the driver's side , It also has the function of reversing image . Besides , The car also has a single sunroof ,OTA Network connection upgrade system , The models with a higher configuration have more parallel assistance , Reversing car side warning system . So are you willing to add a little budget to buy luxury models ?

The rear space of this Regal is still very good , With thick leather seats , Air outlet of rear air conditioner and usb Charging port , It can be said that the configuration is complete . But the air outlet design of the rear air conditioner is partially bare , Very abrupt , Like a small animal with shaved eyebrows .

Because this Regal is an entry-level model , So it's carrying 1.5T A turbocharged engine , The most powerful 169 horsepower , Peak torque 250N·m, The transmission part is equipped with a nine gear manual transmission , There is no problem with daily transportation . Because the maximum torque speed range 1700RPM Peak torque can be achieved , So the acceleration is relatively fast , Special lightness , However, due to the small displacement , Therefore, there is no fuel saving technology equipped with the variable cylinder , And it's a little hard to overtake and line up on the high speed . The chassis design adopts the front drive design , Front McPherson independent suspension , Rear multi-link independent suspension , The adjustment is a little active , Resilient , Comfort is not particularly good , Mainly sports . summary : This Buick Regal entry-level model is a good model , The overall configuration is also passable , And the power system is also more fuel-efficient . As for cost performance , What do you think ?

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