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"Strength" electric family sedan, BYD Qin plus EV configuration interpretation, which is more cost-effective

2021-08-25 00:19:26 Oriental Information automobile

Although the domestic compact car market is still dominated by joint venture brands , But there are also some popular domestic independent brands , Qin from BYD Dynasty family , It's one of the representatives , At present, it includes Qin 、 The qin dynasty Pro、 The qin dynasty PLUS Three major car systems , Qin PLUS It is divided into DM-i Plug in hybrid version and EV There are two kinds of pure electric . Today's Qin PLUS EV Filled with Qin Pro EV And Han EV The market gap between , BYD's design experience accumulated in recent years and the latest blade battery technology are adopted , Cooperate with Qin PLUS DM-i models , It enriches and updates the compact car product matrix , The overall competitiveness has been further improved . This article will focus on 2021 BYD Qin PLUS EV whole , And the configuration differences between different versions of the whole series , Hope to provide consumers with some reference value .

2021 BYD Qin PLUS EV Four models were launched in advance , Price range after subsidy 12.98-16.68 Ten thousand yuan , Contains three endurance versions , At the same time, it corresponds to three configuration standards ; This year, 6 month , The car line has added... To the online car Hailing market 400KM Travel Edition and 400KM Lingchang version is specially designed for two models , Because it is not suitable for general household consumers , These two models will not be introduced here . actually , stay 15 Near the price of 10000 yuan , There are not many compact pure electric cars with good sales performance , Under GAC AEAN AION S、 Geely's Geometry A Pro It will be BYD Qin PLUS EV The main competitor ; All department 4 In addition to the top version of this model, the price difference will be opened , Between the other three models 1 The difference of ten thousand yuan , Consumers will not be too tangled in their choice .

Body color

2021 BYD Qin PLUS EV And Qin PLUS DM-i equally , share 5 Available in body colors , Are currently more common mainstream color , And each color matching is more coordinated with the overall shape of the car body . Combined with the current trend of compact cars , And Qin PLUS EV Pure electric identity , White and gray will be favored by more consumers .


aesthetic , The qin dynasty PLUS The whole looks more like a smaller BYD Han ,DM-i Plug in and mix EV The difference between pure electric versions is mainly reflected in the front face of the car , by comparison EV The pure electric version makes people feel more avant-garde and full of sense of science and Technology , The front of the car is family style Dragon Face3.0 Design language , After years of development , Its technique is becoming more and more skilled , It has become the iconic feature of BYD models , With strong brand recognition . The qin dynasty PLUS EV The enclosed front grille and door are adopted on the EV Very similar , Transverse chrome plated frame connected with headlamp eyebrows on both sides in the middle , It has a very good outline effect , At the same time, it also makes the front face look wider , With a sporty bumper at the bottom , It makes the whole front of the car very energetic .

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