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Carola's number one enemy. It's easy to run 700km a tank of oil. It's the sixth national standard

2021-08-25 00:19:39 Oriental Information automobile

Impression of Toyota Corolla , It's always leather , It doesn't suck , fuel-efficient , Or save fuel . As one of the family sedans, corolla can be called a benchmark car , A price of over 100000 , It shows a quality of far more than 100000 , The sales of such a car will certainly not worry . And when it comes to Carola's nemesis, which cars do you think of ? Honda's Lingpai in the sedan , This and Toyota are the main family sedans of Honda, one of the two giants of the Japanese family ? Or Geely Dihao in China , Chery arizer 5 Models such as , Domestic cars rely on low price and high configuration , Is taking back the market bit by bit . What we really want to say is that Carola's number one enemy , How can you forget another giant of Japanese cars , Nissan's Xuanyi ? A tank of gas 700Km It's easy , And now it's not enough 10 ten thousand , I'm afraid that even Carola will be inferior to her .

First of all, the latest Nissan Xuanyi has made great changes in appearance , Compared with the old Xuanyi, it is more young and dynamic : Nissan Xuanyi adopts a new V-motion Design language of , The characteristics of familiarization are more obvious , It is also obviously different from the old Xuanyi ; The lines of the headlights are very sharp , With a slightly raised hood and lower lip design , Appear more athletic ; On the side of the car body, there is basically no change , It basically continues the design of the previous generation , The door handle is chrome plated , It looks more exquisite ; The design of the tail basically continues the old design , But to be honest, the changes in the tail are actually those , But it increases the area of the reflective strip of the bumper , The exhaust pipe is still hidden under the chassis . Although only the front face has been greatly changed in appearance , Bring the breath of sports , But the new Nissan Xuanyi is also commendable in other aspects .

firstly : Compared with the old model, the biggest highlight of the new Xuanyi should be the upgrade of the configuration : The front McPherson rear torsion beam non independent suspension on the chassis is the most common configuration in this class of vehicles , There is nothing wrong with this ; In addition to the beggar version on the security system , Other versions are standard ABS,ESP Active safety system , In addition, the parallel auxiliary is added to the high configuration models , Lane departure warning , Active braking and other safety configurations , Compared with the previous generation of Nissan Xuanyi, this is an obvious addition , This is also the biggest change compared with the previous generation , It also brings more security for the new Civic ; And in the multimedia system, it has also increased with the tide carplay System , It can be well connected to Apple System , Project mobile content . It is worth noting that in the new Nissan Xuanyi, the light source of fluorescent lamps of some high configuration models has been changed to LED The light source .

second : When it comes to cars, what is essential is their power and fuel consumption , The fuel consumption performance of Japanese cars has not always been a concern for everyone , Because the fuel economy of Japanese cars is in everyone's eyes , But motivation is a problem we care about , After all, it doesn't have the horsepower performance of American cars . The whole Nissan Xuanyi series is equipped with one 1.6L A naturally aspirated engine , Only one engine is available , This is also a good way to avoid selection difficulties . Although in this era of turbocharging , A self-priming engine with such a displacement may not look good in power data , But it erupted 126 Horsepower and 154N.m The peak torque is enough for ordinary household , Another advantage of such an engine is fuel saving , According to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 6.1L, Count down a tank of oil and run easily 700km. Carola's number one enemy , A tank of gas 700Km It's easy , The six standard , Not enough 10 ten thousand !

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