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Whether the listing of Citroen c5x will affect Peugeot 508l?

2021-08-25 00:19:41 Oriental Information automobile

As we all know, Peugeot 、 Citroen's two legal brands belong to PSA its , Belong to “ Brother brand ”.

Generally, a foreign enterprise will choose to cooperate with two companies , That is to set up at least two joint ventures ; For example, FAW Volkswagen 、 Shanghai Volkswagen , Faw Toyota 、 Gac Toyota , SAIC GM, FAW GM, etc , but PSA Only a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor , Then, it established a joint venture with Chang'an automobile to build a high-end brand DS, However, due to low sales, it was finally acquired by Baoneng and ended hastily . So Peugeot and Citroen are real brother brands , Then the introduction of cars of the same level in the same price range may not have its profit cutting effect , Instead, it may be that they are in too much hurry .

For example, Peugeot 508L And Citroen C5 X, Will the launch of the latter affect the sales of the former ? Current Peugeot 508 The latest monthly sales volume of is 243 platform , Year on year decrease to 49.79%, It seems that it still has some influence , Let's take a look at these two cars , How to choose is up to you to judge .

1: Peugeot 508L, The body size is 4870*1855*1455、 The wheelbase 2848mm, It belongs to the standard medium-sized hatchback car ; Suspension structure is front MacPherson 、 Rear multi link , There are no obvious deficiencies in the basic part .

2: Versailles C5 X, Body size 4805*1865*1505、 The wheelbase 2785mm, It's a medium-sized station wagon , The design style is more avant-garde , Suspension structure is front MacPherson 、 Rear torsion beam .

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