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The bear child scraped 2 million Mercedes Benz, and the owner was very calm after seeing it, which was unexpected

2021-08-25 00:19:45 Oriental Information automobile

At home , Our most familiar and common luxury cars , Probably German BBA 了 , As some friends in the entrepreneurial stage , Choose a Mercedes 、 audi 、 BMW is a very good choice , But these luxury cars are millions of , So it's not the price that ordinary families can afford . When we have a luxury car , Always drive carefully , I'm afraid my car will be damaged . But according to “ Murphy's law ”, The more you fear something, the more it will happen . therefore , Even if we protect it in ordinary times , What should happen always happens .

see , Some time ago, a car owner had a very “ heartache ” Things about . The owner is the manager of a company , Because income is slowly increasing , So I chose to buy a car 200 Million Benz , He is usually careful about his car , But one day when he parked his car downstairs , But I found a bear boy scraping the hood of his Mercedes Benz , But at that time, the car owner was very calm , Instead, take out your mobile phone slowly , Then turn on the camera and slowly record the process of the child scraping the car , Such an operation is really unexpected .

Then the child's parents ran from a distance , It turned out that the child came here secretly , But just as the parents took the child away , The car owner stopped them , Explained the situation just now to the child's parents , And I showed my parents the scratches on the car , But parents don't admit it , After all, there is no authentication and no physical evidence , It's really bad to say that a child . But the owner wisely took out the mobile phone in his pocket , Let parents slowly “ appreciate ” With their children's “ masterpiece ”, At that time, the car owner may still be a little secretly happy , Fortunately, the owner recorded this video , Otherwise, you may really have to suffer a dull loss .

When the parents finished watching the video , They began to greet each other with a smile , And began touting the owner , And said :“ You can afford such an expensive luxury car , This car repair fee is nothing at all , Adults don't remember villains , Children, don't be general ”. But the owner refused directly , And the owner directly returns :“ Although I have enough economic strength , And bought insurance , But when children do something wrong, they need education , Otherwise, I will make mistakes again and again in the future .” But the parents have no intention of compensation , Then the owner handed the video to the police for processing , The rest is for the police to negotiate compensation with their parents . The result is really unexpected , about “ Bear children ” Mistakes made , Do you think you need compensation from your parents ?

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