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The new Japanese SUV has a fuel consumption of about 5L and is also equipped with 4WD

2021-08-25 00:25:34 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of Japanese car brands , Of course, the first thing you will think of is the so-called Japanese top three , Although like Mazda 、 Mitsubishi and other brands are also very good , However, due to the small number of models, it has been gradually forgotten by everyone . But today's protagonist is a new model just launched by Mitsubishi SUV models , Once the car was released, it was called Mitsubishi's savior by netizens , It's Mitsubishi GT-PHEV.

Mitsubishi GT-PHEV() In terms of appearance, it adopts bold and avant-garde “X” Design of air inlet grille , The headlamp adopts LED The light source is designed in a distinctive longitudinal layout , Double vertical in the middle LED Daytime running lights are also on the front face “ Lethality ” A key point of , The whole front face looks very powerful . The body side , Give people the wrong vision of a convertible , This is naturally due to the designer giving it a suspended roof . Sharp double waistline matching 20 Large hub in inches , Full of young sports .

The interior part adopts an encircling design , It gives people a sense of security and luxury . Especially the combination of black and Brown is low-key and very luxurious , At the same time, the interior parts accessible to the whole vehicle are wrapped with soft materials . Multimedia and trip computer share three touch screens , The basic functions of the whole vehicle can be controlled and displayed with these three large screens .

In terms of power, Mitsubishi GT-PHEV It is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system , The power system consists of a gasoline engine and three motors , According to official data , The maximum range of the vehicle in hybrid mode is 1200 km , Moreover, on the premise of four-wheel drive, the fuel consumption of the car is only 4L.

I believe many netizens who know something about cars have guessed that this may be the next generation of outlander (), But because of the hybrid system , I believe the price will be higher than outlander , In fact, it's not just the blessing of the hybrid system , Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Whether in the new interior design or in appearance , Are already above the current mainstream level , And the four-wheel drive system equipped with the car is still S-AWC Super 4WD system , The performance is also excellent . If hanlanda and Guandao don't produce hybrid models again , How long do you think we can last

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