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The new Passat has both internal and external cultivation and is rejuvenated

2021-08-25 00:32:31 Oriental Information automobile

passat (Passat) The original meaning is the name of a monsoon , It blows evenly and steadily from the southern Atlantic to the equator every year , Persistence and persistence , Forever . It's the same as its name , passat (Passat) With stable and reliable quality and elegant shape, the model has been built since 1974 Since it first appeared on the market in , It has achieved great success in the world . And Chinese Passat as B The benchmark of a class car , The cumulative sales volume exceeds 300 Ten thousand units , Achievement China B First class car market sales champion , Now Passat has ushered in another upgrade , His glorious history will continue .

The appearance design of the new Passat has changed significantly , More choices for consumers , Meet the changing needs of consumers . The new Passat offers two front face shapes , Starry grille front face and dot matrix Seiko grille front face , Lead the German system B Class car consumption trend . Classic dot matrix chrome grille front face , Elegant atmosphere , Show confidence and composure , More suitable for business people to travel . Starry grille front face , Created “ babysbreath ” The effect of , Subvert tradition , Create a model of Sports Technology , Bring you a distinctive dynamic atmosphere .

At the same time, it is equipped with a... Through the whole grid LED Lamp with , Place the on both sides LED Connect the lamp group , The integrated design has a strong degree of identification , It brings strong tension . The headlights are upgraded to IQ. Light Matrix form LED headlight , Not only is it brighter 、 The irradiation distance is longer , Automatic light shape switching can also make driving at night safer and more convenient .

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