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In the pickup truck market, the number of new models sold in Jianghuai Hantu was 166800

2021-08-25 00:36:10 Oriental Information automobile

Jac motor's The new models of Hantu pickup truck have been on the market since , A total of 2 models , Price range: 16.68-18.68 Ten thousand yuan . Let's take a look at this car .

aesthetic , The new car adopts large trapezoidal forward air grille , Net design in matching net format , Plus the long and narrow headlight groups on both sides , Highlight the front face ; The body side , The new car adopts a double row body structure , collocation 17 Inch anti release rim , Off road style ; Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5330(5620)/1965/1920mm, The wheelbase is 3110(3400)mm; The dimensions inside the cargo compartment are 1520(1810)/1590/470mm.

interiors , The new car is equipped with a three spoke multifunction steering wheel , Vertical central control touch screen , Enhance the sense of technology in the car ; Security configuration , New car is equipped with ABS+EBD、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Brake assist 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Emergency braking reminder and other configurations , Provide security for users' travel .

motivation , With a new car 2.0T Turbocharged diesel four cylinder engine , The most powerful 110kW, Maximum torque 350N·m, And meet the national six emission standards . Transmission system , New car match 6 Speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive system .

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