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Tens of thousands of Weilai car owners fought against each other: unclear "automatic driving"

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A difficult problem .


Titanium Media Editor Rao Xiangyu

Wei to NOP( Pilot assisted driving function ) The aftermath of the accident , It broke out completely among Weilai car owners .

8 month 18 The morning of , One copy 《 Weilai car owner yes NP/NOP Joint statement on systematic cognition 》 call : The owner of Weilai is well aware of the current of Weilai company NP/NOP Auxiliary driving system , It is not automatic driving system or driverless system ; Weilai company is interested in NP/NOP Introduction to 、 The publicity did not confuse or mislead the owners of Weilai .

In the afternoon , In Weilai App In the community of , Some Weilai car owners launched “ Joint statement against car owners ” The topic of . A Weilai car owner said in a message under the changed topic ,“ I do not agree with the contents expressed in the joint statement of vehicle owners , Hereby declare .” As of titanium media App Draft , Wei to APP Community participation “ Joint statement against car owners ” Topic users have reached 1 10, .

all the time , Deep binding between Weilai brand and owner's emotion , This is the biggest difference between it and other main engine manufacturers . however , This time a piece of Wei Lai NOP Accident obituary , It triggered a great discussion on assisted driving and automatic driving ; Another joint statement of vehicle owners , It led to a big tear in the interior of Weilai's owner .

Under tear , Weilai “ Rice circle culture ” Triggered internal 、 Strong dissatisfaction with public opinion . once , Li Bin's proud user moat , To a large extent, it has boosted the sales volume of Weilai . Now? , Users' fan sentiment is eating back at Weilai brand . And in rounds of public opinion , About Wei Lai “ Autopilot dispute ” Still controversial .

Achievements and counterattack of fan culture


The storm in Weilai began with an obituary .

According to the obituary , Years old 31 Year old founder of meiyihao brand , Driving Weilai ES8 He died after a traffic accident . According to the parties , Wei Lai when the incident happened ES8 In automatic driving function (NOP Pilot status ). After the event , The public opinion was immediately ignited .

However , Before the police investigation results come out , a 《 Weilai car owner yes NP/NOP Joint statement on systematic cognition 》( hereinafter referred to as “ Joint statement ”) Appeared in Wei Lai's APP In the community , The sponsors claim that the United Nations 500 The famous car owner issued a statement . The joint statement stressed :“ We are well aware of the current of Weilai company NPP Auxiliary driving system , It is not automatic driving system or driverless system ; Weilai company is interested in NP/NOP Introduction to 、 Publicity does not confuse or mislead us .”


Titanium media APP come to know , The initiator of the joint statement is Lin Wei , It is also Weilai ES8 Original owner . meanwhile , According to Wei Lai APP Information display of , Lin Wei is also the director of Weilai's first and second user trust .

Weilai user trust fund is Li Bin, founder of Weilai , stay 2019 year 1 Monthly establishment . Li Binjiang 5000 Million shares of Weilai shares were transferred to the trust , Community users participate in asset management and revenue use by electing director representatives , And gain from it . The Council consists of 8 Directors and 1 Composition of trust protectors .

After the joint statement 18 On the afternoon of Sunday , It has aroused the disgust of some Weilai car owners . immediately , The latter is in Weilai APP Community initiated “ Joint statement against car owners ” The topic of .

“ At such a time node , Issue such a statement , What's your heart ”、“ Don't represent me , As a car owner, I despise your behavior , As a lawyer, I don't agree with you ”、“ The original intention is good , The timing is not right “...... Under the above topic , Some Weilai car owners angrily stood on the opposite side of the joint statement . Up to now , The number of participants in this topic has exceeded 10000 .


“ As the owner of Weilai , I have to pay attention to the two recent car accident deaths . A car crash caught fire , Together is NOP Crash engineering vehicle . What does this joint statement want to tell you , Yes, everyone knows that assisted driving is not automatic driving ? Everybody knows that NOP How to use ?”

A Weilai car owner said , It is unrealistic to expect every user to read Weilai's disclaimer word by word . Now there's an accident , The owner is indeed at fault , however NOP It's really like “ Wei protection team ”( Maintain the owner group of Weilai brand ) So innocent ?

The owner also admitted , When he picked up the car , The handover officer was not right NP There are too many functions introduced , Let the car owner explore by himself . And once you say Wei Lai, what's wrong , Which other cars do better , Group of riders “ Wei protection team ”( Maintain the owner of Weilai brand ) Will force them to sell cars and retreat from the group , Even questioned whether it was the owner of Weilai .

As a matter of fact , So-called “ Selling cars and returning to the group ”、“ Joint statement ”, This is not the first time that the owner of Weilai initiated it “ Rice circle movement ”.

2021 At the beginning of year , It is still in the stage of strict epidemic prevention “NIO DAY” period , Super occurs 100 Controversy over a party held by a Weilai car owner on the plane .

And earlier ,2020 year 9 End of month , Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77 At the entrance and exit of the basement , A piece of 5.5 rice ×1.5 Mi's Weilai super long advertisement has been displayed continuously 3 Months . Public reports show , The price of this billboard is 90000 yuan a month , Provided by the owner free of charge . In Weilai App On , The car owners praised Wei Lai from the bottom of their hearts , such as “ How do I like Wei Lai step by step ”“ Wei, you're here ”“ Choosing Weilai is not only choosing a car , It's a way of life ”......

besides , Wei to APP Inside “EP Club”, Wei Lai called it “NIO Brand is the most high-end user club in China ”. According to Wei Lai 2021 year EP Club Membership rules , Want to enter the club , Users spend more than 10 million yuan to buy EP9 Become a member for ten years .

Wei Lai once told the media , according to 2021 year 2 Month of data , Current session EP Club Car owners sell cars per capita 25 platform , Some car owners have even sold it 160 More cars . Average starting price of Weilai automobile 40 Ten thousand yuan ,25 Trolley relative to 1000 Million sales .

From the present situation , Wei Lai's role in owner management , Running almost with the entertainment industry “ Rice circle culture ” As like as two peas , It also encountered the same consequences when this logic went wrong .

The dispute remains controversial


When the owner of Wei Lai quarreled , One problem remains unconfirmed : Wei to NOP What is the L2 Grade or L3 Class a autopilot , How to determine the accident responsibility ?

According to the classification of the international society of automata Engineering ,L2 Level is also called partial autopilot , Defined as “ The vehicle provides driving support for multiple operations in the steering wheel and acceleration and deceleration , Human drivers are responsible for the rest of the driving movements ”;L3 Level is also called conditional autopilot , Defined as “ Most driving operations are performed by the vehicle , Human drivers need to stay focused for emergencies ”.


about L2 Level and L3 Division of responsibility for accidents caused by level I automatic driving , An accepted saying in the automatic driving industry is “L2 The driver shall be responsible for the accident at level ,L3 The main engine factory shall be responsible for the first level .” Specific to Wei Lai NOP Event itself , When NOP The autopilot level has been determined , The responsibility for the accident is clearly determined . But it should be noted that , This is still the case “ Rules ”, Not regulations .

“ In fact, the automatic driving function of most car enterprises will not be directly said to be L2 perhaps L3 Level , It's a new term that gives itself the function of automatic driving .” Zhang Xiang, an auto analyst “ Who is responsible for automatic driving safety ” In the live broadcast connection of , For example, the automatic driving function of Weilai defines two levels , One of them is NP: Wei to Nio Pilot, For another NOP:Navigate on Pilot.

According to Zhang Xiang ,NP In mode , One of the functions is high-speed automatic driving assistance , Also called ACC Adaptive cruise , In the same lane of the expressway , The vehicle can automatically follow the vehicle in front to realize automatic driving , The speed of the vehicle can be adjusted according to the speed of the vehicle in front . Another function is automatic assisted driving , When road congestion occurs , When the car is slow , The vehicle can automatically follow the car in front to slow down .

“ In principle , Weilai NP The pattern is actually L2 Level of autopilot .” Zhang Xiang said .

2020 year 10 month , Wei laitong FOTA Officially pushed NIO OS 2.7.0 edition . New version in existing NIO Pilot⾃ On the basis of automatic assisted driving system , Added Navigate on Pilot(NOP) Pilot assistance .NOP stay Pilot The cruise speed control function has been realized 、 Keep the gap 、 Based on the steering assist and turn signal control lane change function , The vehicle will integrate information such as road speed limit and environmental perception , Intelligently adjust their own speed .

“ Academically , Weilai NOP Function belongs to L3 Level automatic driving function . Now the level of our whole industry is , L2 The level of autopilot has been mass-produced on a large scale. ,L3 There are a few cars on the level of automatic driving to the market. .” Zhang Xiang on titanium media APP Express , Because the main engine factory “L3 The responsibility for class I automatic driving accident belongs to the main engine factory ” There is consensus , So now car companies are reluctant to say they have L3 Automatic driving function above .

Wait for a standard


however , The above statement is only Zhang Xiang's personal judgment , Industry for NOP Or there is still no unified standard for the classification of automatic driving in other main engine manufacturers .

The Ministry of industry and information technology was originally scheduled for this year 1 It was officially implemented in June 《 Automobile driving automation classification 》 It has not yet been implemented , In approval status . meanwhile , This year, the Ministry of public security 3 Released on 《 Road traffic safety act ( Revised proposal )》, Added “ Taking the development unit of automatic driving system as one of the main body of responsibility ” The content of , However, there are no legal provisions on the classification of automatic driving .

This has led to the abuse of the name of automatic driving by various main engine manufacturers in the industry , Like Wei Lai NOP、 Xiao Peng's car L2.5/NGP、 Tesla's FSD、 Of Vemma “ People are not in the car L4 Class a autopilot ”, And Chery's “L2.99"......

And in addition to legal ambiguity , In this event, the detection link also encountered difficulties . Titanium media APP Learned from the accident party , During data extraction , Due to the lack of identification experience of the third-party testing organization , The testing mechanism has been replaced . meanwhile , Wei Lai was also unable to answer questions about the families of the accident party . Since the incident , Various disputes between the two sides have also occurred frequently .

“ Today's third-party organizations do not have computers that can detect smart cars . Because the software system of some high level self driving cars is very complicated. , Third party organizations simply do not have the ability to detect whether these codes are available line by line bug.” Zhang Xiang said , Therefore, the current level can only identify whether the vehicle's hardware system or mechanical system has failed , It is impossible to judge whether the intelligent vehicle has product design defects .

It also means that , The dispute will continue . Weilai responded that , To show respect for the dead , Before the investigation results are finally confirmed , No more information about the accident will be released . The families of the parties also expressed , It's not convenient to accept any more interviews in the near future .

however ,“ Autopilot ” In itself , Changes have taken place in other places .

In the latest product introduction , The ideal car is “ Ideal AD Advanced assisted driving system ” It has been changed to “ Ideal AD Assisted driving system ”, Removed “ senior ” Two words ; Xiaopeng car has “ Automatic driving assistance system ” Changed to “ Intelligent assisted driving system ”.

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