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In the new Porsche car

2021-08-25 00:51:00 Wechat automobile


Yancheng audience Mr. Xu 8 month 16 Daily direction 《 Jiaoguang dual channel 》 Program reflection ,2021 year 1 month , He spent... At the Porsche Center in Yancheng 110 Ten thousand yuan bought a car 21 paragraph mixed dynamic Cayenne , Recently, I heard the sound of water in the car body during driving , Checked by Porsche centre Yancheng , There is also a lot of water under the carpet of the driver's seat and the rear row , line 、 Batteries, etc. are seriously exposed to water .

adopt 4S Shop for further inspection , It was found that... Was caused by the leakage of air conditioning condensate on the front passenger's side .

Mr. Xu asked to return the car , But met with 4S The store refused .


There is water in the Porsche !

Watch the video :



Consumer provided video display , Water has accumulated next to the vehicle's battery , Lift with your hand , You can clearly see the ripple of water . The staff of Porsche Center Yancheng lifted the carpet , Indicates that the ponding under the car body comes from here .

Mr. Xu said , This Porsche has just been bought for more than half a year , The seats have been completely removed , The staff hope to further remove the underbody , But he refused .


The air conditioning water pipe is not fixed properly !

8 month 17 Japan , After sales manager Huang of Yancheng Porsche Center introduced to Jiangsu traffic radio network , In principle, the air conditioning condensate in the car is drained to the outside of the car through a water pipe , The water pipe shall be fixed in the interlayer of two floors , however Mr. Xu's Porsche Cayenne , The water pipe of air conditioning condensate is not fixed properly , As a result, the condensed water is directly discharged into the battery groove in the car , thus , The car is accelerating 、 When braking , Because of inertia , The water in the battery groove swings around , It also flows to other parts of the car .

Manager Huang said frankly , This problem happened , It has nothing to do with the owner Mr. Xu .

Porsche centre Yancheng 00:26


This is Porsche's quality control ?

Manager Huang said , actually , There is no water on the lines in this Porsche . To make up for Mr. Xu , Porsche centre Yancheng is willing to extend 1 Annual warranty , And give him 4 Primary basic maintenance , Total value 3 Ten thousand yuan or so . But for the
Mr. Xu's request for return and replacement , Porsche centre Yancheng refused .

According to the current “ Three bags of cars ” statute ,“ Repair the same fault more than 5 The next time I change , Within the validity of San Bao ( Three guarantees are valid for 2 Years or 5 Thousands of kilometers , Whichever comes first ), If the total time for car repair exceeds 35 God , Or the cumulative repair caused by the same product quality problem exceeds 5 Time , Consumers can change cars .”

Although Mr. Xu's car doesn't meet “ Three bags of cars ” The above conditions for returning and changing vehicles , But the air conditioning water pipe is not fixed properly ,
There is such a low-level error , This is for 110 Ten thousand yuan For your new car , How does Porsche's quality control do ?


Reporter in 8 month 17 The matter was reported to the Porsche manufacturer on the th 400 Telephone , I hope the manufacturer will give a clear explanation about the water pipe . But as of this report , Still waiting for the reply from the Porsche manufacturer electric word .

How could there be so much water in a Porsche ?

Jiangsu traffic broadcasting network will continue to pay attention to .

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