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When the car is parked on the side of the road and hit, call the police first or call insurance first? If the order is wrong, you will lose

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as everyone knows , With the continuous development of social economy , People's living standards and quality of life have also been greatly improved , The embodiment of this , The most obvious is that every family has its own private car .

There is data showing , In recent years, the number of cars in China has reached more than 300 million , However , More and more cars are circulating in the market and society , But the area of car parking space in China is limited . In other words , The increasing influx of cars into Chinese families does not mean that most people have parking spaces .


indeed , Owning a car will really bring us great convenience , But if you can't find a parking space , That's often another nerve racking problem ! In fact, many friends go out to work or do business , Often you can't find a parking space , Or it may take a long time to find a parking space , Now , If time does not allow, we will choose to pause in the nearby open place or on the roadside .

Roadside parking is illegal , Although you don't have to deduct points , But getting caught also requires a fine . Actually , Roadside parking is not only easy to be caught and fined , It's also easy to be scratched by other passing vehicles , After all , Not everyone has good driving skills , What's more, the road where some cars stop is really too narrow , Not a skilled old driver , It's really not possible to drive by such a small lane .


therefore , Friends who own cars must insure their cars . Of course , Not just to guard against this situation , But in the event of a car accident , Be able to minimize your losses .

Now the city roads are full of vehicles , Under the congestion , Bumps are actually normal , Meet some car Xiaobai or novice drivers , They don't know anything , You'll never guess what they'll do next , So it's like a car parked on the side of the road , It is likely that the last second is still new , The next second they rubbed the paint and even deformed it .

So here's the problem , The car stopped on the side of the road and was hit , Call the police first or call the insurance first ? Don't get the order wrong here , It's easy to suffer big losses if you're not careful . First , The first time after the car was hit , We need to distinguish the situation , Whether the vehicle we parked is parked according to the traffic rules ?

After all , As mentioned earlier , Not all the roads can be parked . Like a non motorway , Friends who are not a little car blind also know that they can't stop temporarily .


Then we need to judge whether our situation belongs to illegal parking , If it's illegal stop , Scratch the paint when you encounter a careless point , We can only admit bad luck . After all , At this time, we made a mistake first , Therefore, we also have part of the responsibility for the damage of the vehicle , If you insist on pursuing , Our fines for illegal parking are indispensable !

But if we don't break the stop , And the car is less damaged , We can consider calling the police first , Let the police help find the owner of the accident .

Also pay attention to , Although this time the alarm belongs to the legitimate protection of their rights and interests , But we still can't move the vehicle , The site must be maintained , Wait for the traffic police department to find relevant evidence for investigation . This is the time , We can also observe whether there are surveillance cameras or witnesses around , So as to provide more effective evidence for the police .

Besides , Still need to be in 48 Report to the insurance company within hours , After all, insurance companies also pay attention to timeliness in dealing with things , If you delay the time interval between accidents for too long , The insurance company can't handle it .


therefore , Reporting to the insurance company must not exceed 48 Hours , Once it exceeds , Then the insurance company has the right to refuse compensation . Here we are , If it's luck , No camera surveillance 、 No Witness , The traffic police did not search for more evidence to trace the perpetrators .

Then if you can't find it , Insurance companies have 30% The deductible rate of , We can only recognize bad luck or get full compensation by excluding deductibles and special insurance that can't find a third party , Exempt from all losses . Actually , As long as we do not constitute a violation of traffic accidents , Then the most important thing left , It's the division of responsibilities .


At this time, reporting to the traffic police must be the most effective , If you go to the insurance company first , Then the compensation will be calculated by default according to the situation that the perpetrator cannot be found , At this time, you can really get compensation , But because the car had an accident, it was handled by the insurance company , So the premium in the second year also increases .

What needs to be emphasized again is , After looking for the traffic police comrades , When the responsibility falls on the insurance company , This compensation must be in 48 Effective within hours , And in 48 The insurance company can't claim until the perpetrator is found within hours , Otherwise, there will be no compensation . therefore , First find the most responsible perpetrator , Is the most important .

Actually , Experienced old drivers scratch and rub when they encounter a little. If they can't be held accountable , Will choose to spend hundreds of money to do it , Otherwise , If you have to take insurance , Not only waste your time , I will also increase my premium because of this small compensation , Because of small losses !

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