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Again! Owner hematemesis recommended! Accord vs red flag HS5

2021-08-25 00:53:01 Oriental Information automobile

Due to different local policies , The development of fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles is also different everywhere . If you want to buy a gasoline car , Take a look at the next accord and red flag HS5. Let's have a look .

models : Honda accord 2018 paragraph 260TURBO elite

The guided :18.98 Ten thousand yuan

The accord 2018 paragraph 260TURBO The front face of the elite version looks very young , Plus single Web , It looks not only young but also sporty .

The size of the car is 4893/1862/1449mm, The wheelbase 2830mm. The tires are from Bridgestone , The specifications of the front and rear tires are 225/50 R17, The car adopts a double five spoke wheel rim design , The side of the car looks quite harmonious , The smooth lines show the flexible beauty .

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