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Toyota Zhixuan attack, national six standard, 71800, pinch sweat for fit

2021-08-25 00:53:15 Oriental Information automobile

Earlier years , The car market is not as prosperous as it is now , At that time, the number of car companies was very small , There are just a few types of models , So the replacement speed is as slow as the tortoise race . With the rise of domestic cars , Coupled with the influx of other car companies , The domestic market in China has shown the prosperity of tingruo city . In order to extend the vehicle life cycle , Nowadays, the replacement speed of cars is faster and faster , Car companies basically upgrade the old models every year .

Even the small car market, which has never been favored by everyone , In recent years, we have also accelerated the pace of replacement . today , Our protagonist is 2020 Toyota - Dazzle ( It's an example . It works as a hatchback , Although the sales volume is not as good as fit , However, after the replacement, all the systems meet the requirements of national six , At this point , Zhixuan's competitive advantage is much higher , coordination 7.78 Ten thousand guide price ,7.18 10000 reference price , It is to pinch sweat for Feidu .

In terms of appearance design , After the change, Zhixuan adopts a new design concept , So the front of the car has a more fresh feeling . Because the new car combines the vents , All in one design , The interior is filled with black trim panels , Make the front look more radical , Coupled with the cooperation of open angle headlights , Bring a stronger impact to the front of the car . Although the low configuration model does not use led, Fortunately, the whole car is equipped with daily running lights as standard , Make the front of the car show a more obvious smell of cross-border vehicles .

In terms of size , The length, width and height of the new Zhixuan are :4160*1720*1520mm, The wheelbase 2550mm, In terms of space, the performance of the car is average , But the black trim panel added to the side underbody , Make this hatchback more cross-border , Make it a fashion chase 、 Sporty pet . Because the new car has adjusted the area of the window , The rear windows look more atmospheric , The ventilation and air permeability are obviously enhanced .

The interior , From the color matching of the center console , It's still the style of the old model , I'm tired of looking at this style . however , The newly designed LCD screen on the center console , It has a sense of Technology , It's very different from the old model . Besides , In terms of configuration, the new car has also been adjusted , Added reversing radar 、 Tire pressure monitoring and other functions .

Dynamic part , The code name of the new car engine is 7nr-fe, This is Toyota's latest development 1.5 Liter engine , It meets the national six standards , bring 81kw Power and 5.3 Fuel consumption per liter , The economy is still very high .

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