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The guy spent 350000 on a Mercedes Benz c260l, which looks like an S-class, and the car keys are more difficult to distinguish

2021-08-25 00:53:17 Oriental Information automobile

Now a new Mercedes Benz C Class is already on the market , New Benz C The first-class style is more young and sporty , Like a sedan car , Visual beauty is not inferior to that of the previous generation , It's called a Mercedes Benz S, Size less than S level , However, the overall size and proportion of the car body are still coordinated , So Mercedes Benz C It is very popular with young people after the first-class market , Make those who want to buy BMW 3 Series and audi A4L Young people have changed their attention , But now the new Mercedes Benz C The class has just been on the market , The discount is small , The price is relatively high .

At present, some young people have started a new Mercedes Benz C level , The white car in the picture is a guy in Jiangsu who spent 35 Ten thousand yuan for , It is positioned as a medium-sized car , The conductor is near 4.9 rice , wide 1.82 rice , High near 1.5 rice , The interior space is spacious , Compare with BMW 3 Series and audi A4L You can detect . The guy said :“ I've been following this car for a long time , I intend to buy a car when I buy a car 2021 With Mercedes Benz C level , The discount is strong , But after comparing the new model, I still chose the new model , The interior and appearance of the new model are very beautiful , Very charming .”

Mercedes C260L The appearance and shape are impeccable , The tail lamp design adopts the latest design language of Mercedes Benz , Kind of like a Mercedes Benz S A scaled down version of , The body lines are bright , beginner C Stage carrying 1.5T displacement 170 Horsepower engine , Other models are equipped with 1.5T High power engine , It can explode 204 horsepower , matching 9AT transmission ,7.7 Seconds to break the , Hundreds of kilometers 6L oil , To tell you the truth, it's fuel-efficient , After all, the engine displacement is limited , It's an economical Mercedes Benz .

The owner's brother was very happy when he got the car key , He said :“ This car key and Mercedes Benz S Class keys are very similar , It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish , Take out the car key at the dinner table. Most people think I drive a Mercedes Benz S level , however C Level and E Class is more suitable for young people ,S Class is suitable for middle-aged bosses , Have the strength , You don't even have to drive yourself .”

New Benz C The class interior has also changed a lot , This is Mercedes Benz S Decentralization of level design language , The night is very beautiful , It looks good during the day , Have a sense of science and Technology , Feel fine , But one price, one quality , Mercedes C and S The workmanship of grade is quite different , The driving quality is also different .

For now, Mercedes Benz C High performance price ratio , But at present, motorists who want to start can wait , In the later stage, the preferential power is greater , You can even save tens of thousands of yuan , Why not do it !

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