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Trump card attack GAC Toyota Saina Sienna will appear in Chengdu auto show

2021-08-25 00:57:27 Oriental Information automobile

recently , We have learned from relevant channels that , GAC Toyota's new MPV Saina SIENNA Will be in 8 month 28 It made a joint debut in Chengdu and other places on the th , And show up at Chengdu auto show . The new car is expected to be officially launched in the second half of this year , The prices of five versions have also been exposed on the Internet ,LE For a 27.68 Ten thousand yuan ,XLE For a 29.98 Ten thousand yuan ,LTD For a 31.68 Ten thousand yuan ,LTD PLUS For a 33.78 Ten thousand yuan ,PLATINUM For a 36.98 Ten thousand yuan .

aesthetic , The new car follows the Toyota family TNGA Design language , The upper part adopts through design with long and narrow headlight group , Toyota with a blue background in the center LOGO, Show the identity of its hybrid model . Large mouth air intake grille under the front surround , Enhance the momentum of the whole vehicle .

The body side , Multiple smooth waist lines outline the lines and muscle feeling of the body . The rear shape is calm and simple , The tail lights on both sides are designed in a boomerang shape , Enhanced recognition . In terms of size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5180/1995/1765(1786)mm, The wheelbase is 3060mm.

interiors , The new car still uses the latest family design language , The functional area of the center console is clearly divided , And equipped with suspended central control touch screen . The wood texture of the interior also enhances the texture of the interior , Improved the grade . motivation , New cars will carry 2.5L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine + The motor's hybrid system , The comprehensive power may reach 183kW, matching E-CVT transmission , And will provide precursors and E-Four Two types of electronic 4WD drive . More information about new cars , We will continue to pay attention .

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