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Toyota LQ's official road test, stunning debut, sounded the charge of "mobile travel"

2021-08-25 00:57:32 Oriental Information automobile

In the near future , The crowd saw 2019 The concept car first exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Show LQ On the road for testing .LQ Toyota was going to 2020 Products that showed their strength at the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Tokyo Paralympic Games , Announce Toyota's determination to move towards mobile travel service to the world , because 2020 Special situation of the year , Tokyo Olympics postponed , Just gave it to Toyota LQ Longer test verification time . Maybe many people haven't seen this LQ, Now is an opportunity , Let's uncover LQ The mysterious veil of !

LQ It's a concept car , Its English key words are “Learn,Grow,Love”, Translated into Chinese “ Study , grow up , Love ”,LQ Equipped with “Yui” Powerful artificial intelligence system , The purpose is to provide personalized travel services that can meet the needs of all consumers ,LQ Based on Toyota's latest TNGA Built by honeycomb Architecture , Have a funny cartoon look , Create a feeling of loveliness and affinity , Like a mascot .

Future styling

LQ Streamlined contour design highlighting the front driving space , Really create a look with future technology . Its design theme is “INSIDE OUT”, My understanding of it is to seamlessly connect the inside and outside , Break through the existing internal and external boundaries , More forward-looking and futuristic . The lower part of the door is made of glass , Thus, the door and the interior of the vehicle are closely connected , Give people a more refined feeling , The strength of this glass can resist side impact , Improved security performance .

LQ The tail shape is relatively simple , Very round , Add rounded rectangle and ring elements , Not as eye-catching as the front of the car , But very low-key . The rear tire has a honeycomb shell , The trendy design of audio external amplifier , Also consistent with “INSIDE OUT” Idea , Create a unique driving atmosphere .

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