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Ingenuity RV new type C domestic guoliu Iveco no longer hesitate to travel in autumn

2021-08-25 01:13:23 Oriental Information automobile

We have introduced many kinds of ingenuity RV before B Type vehicle , Include V90 Long, medium and short shafts . lately , Ingenuity RV has launched a new Iveco long axis C Type of rv , Use the latest guoliu Iveco osheng chassis to build , How about the details of the vehicle , Let's see .

Ask the length, width and height of the vehicle respectively 5995、2360、3060mm, Curb weight 4080kg. The vehicle is made of Iveco osheng chassis of guoliu , With 3.0T Turbocharged diesel engine , matching 8 Speed automatic transmission , Front and rear drive , Front transverse leaf spring suspension , Rear leaf spring dependent suspension , It has very good power properties , It is also one of the best in many RV chassis in China , And meet the country six emission standards , No worries about licensing .

The appearance of this vehicle is decorated with red and gray pull flowers , The style is practical and simple . On the configuration of the outside of the vehicle , Equipped with electric sunshade 、 External liquefied gas extraction stove 、 Middle door electric pedal 、 Conventional charging port of RV 、 Water injection port, etc .

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