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2.0T + 8at power! New Kia K5 real car, long wheelbase model is more suitable for Dad

2021-08-25 01:13:26 Oriental Information automobile

new kia K5 Formal appearance , Although the car continues part of the design of the current model , But it did 2.0T+8AT power . in addition , The excellent body length of the car is also a highlight , It's dad's first choice car !

The fashionable and avant-garde appearance adopts split grid design , The mesh inside the through grid in the upper part adopts triangular elements , Very chic , The bilateral headlight group is integrated with it , The yellow light wire has tension . Three stage lower surround , Both sides are like claws and teeth . The lines on the hood are muscular .

The waist line on the side of the body is rich , The silver wheel hub moves very fast , The window line adopts a two-color design , The silver chrome trim extends all the way to the rear . Slightly sliding back, full of power .

The rear of the car adopts a through light strip design , The internal dotted light bar is more recognizable when turned on . Surrounded by three-dimensional black , The exhaust port with bilateral common outlet is adopted . The shark fin on the roof is practical .

The interior is designed in black ,12.3 Inch dual screen display rich , Have a good sense of science and Technology . The three spoke multifunctional steering wheel is designed with a flat bottom , Knob operated shift lever , Very delicate . in addition , The car is also equipped with reversing radar , Automatic parking and automatic air conditioning , Improved the user's riding experience .

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