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PK: BYD Qin Pro vs. xinbaojun RC-5

2021-08-25 01:17:44 Oriental Information automobile

Now there are more and more new products in the domestic automobile market , Hatchback cars of all sizes , Hatchback ,SUV and MPV The models are dazzling , Automobile manufacturers are also trying their best to meet the needs of consumers . In a wide variety of cars , The hatchback car has always been of great concern , So today we will select two very personalized family cars from the compact car market for comparison , They are BYD Qin Pro And xinbaojun RC-5.

2020 BYD Qin Pro There are three configurations in the whole super version , Price range: 7.98~9.98 Ten thousand yuan . New Baojun RC-5 The whole system has 7 Product configuration , Price range: 5.98~10.98 Ten thousand yuan . We have selected the guide price as 9.98 Ten thousand yuan 2020 BYD Qin Pro Automatic flagship and guide prices are 10.18 Ten thousand yuan 2020 New Baojun RC-5 Compare the exclusive models in detail , Look, on the premise that the price difference is small , Which model is more cost-effective .

Appearance comparison

2020 BYD Qin Pro The super version is different from the old model in terms of internal and external design , The front face of the new car is equipped with a large polygonal mesh , The interior matches the banner chrome trim , The sharp headlight groups on the left and right sides are connected through the silver trim panel above the middle net , Enhance the integrity of the front face , In addition, the bottom of the car is decorated with black trim strips to further highlight the sports atmosphere of the whole car .

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