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Pure electric range of 505km, a luxury configuration, from 169800, detailed explanation of song plus ev

2021-08-25 01:17:47 Oriental Information automobile

I believe that friends who often pay attention to the car market , Recently was DM-i This word brushed the screen . As another sharp knife technology of BYD in the field of new energy ,DM-i Even if we look at the global car market, there are few competitors , Not to mention its position at home . that DM-i But the wind and water rise ,EV And how do? ? To tell you the truth, it's still better , Don't believe it ? I'll take song today PLUS EV Let me give you a break , Look at BYD in the field of pure trams , How strong are you .

First of all, from the appearance , The song dynasty PLUS EV It still continues the popular of the Dynasty Series “ imperial countenance ” Design . The through chrome trim connects the headlights on both sides , The outline of closed medium network cable is also very simple and atmospheric . Besides , The fog lamp areas on both sides enrich the visual elements of the front , Make the whole front face look more outstanding . The song dynasty PLUS EV The front face of , In fact, it is different from Qin Dynasty PLUS EV There are many similarities in the front face , It's just a tall body , Let song PLUS EV It looks more atmospheric .

The design of headlights is consistent with that of all models ,LED The modeling technology of daytime running lights is very strong , The three lamp cavity structure also looks more intense .

The penetrating waistline on the side of the car body is very sharp , The bulge under the door also gives the side body a sense of hierarchy . Side part song PLUS EV And song PLUS DM-i There is little difference , It feels so fierce , Full of movement . The song dynasty PLUS EV Length, width and height of all models , Are all 4705mm*1890mm*1680mm,2765mm Wheelbase in compact SUV field , Obvious advantages .

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