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Top floor 3: Qian Ruizhen's chances of survival are slim. Zhou dantai overturned and was laughed at by Zhou Xijing

2021-08-25 01:21:26 Tencent Entertainment

By Li Zhiya 、 Kim so Yan 、 Yan Jijun 、 A TV play starring Liu Zhen 《 attic 3》 Has been in 20 The... Was broadcast on the evening of the th 11 Set , It also means that 《 attic 》 The series is only three episodes away from the real finale . stay 《 attic 》 Do all the bad things and never repent 、 The fearless are the two villains Qian Ruizhen and Zhou dantai , But with the return of Logan Lee, who has huge assets and family power , These two people are already grasshoppers after autumn , hop �Q In a few days .

Logan Lee and Shen Xiulian deliberately pretended to die , Let Qian Ruizhen and Zhou dantai aim at each other , The consequence of the full opening of anger must be that both sides will lose . Designed by Logan Lee and Shen Xiulian , Zhou dantai restored Bai Junji's true identity , Sent to a mental hospital , And Qian Ruizhen went bankrupt together with her Qingya consortium , More Than This , Qian Ruizhen is also in debt with Zhou dantai .

Qian Ruizhen has not only hurt Wu Yunxi and peiluna , She also wanted to kill Shen Xiulian many times , At first, Qian Ruizhen and Zhou dantai conspired , Is to kill Shen Xiulian , It's just that Luo Aiqiao was stabbed for Shen Xiulian by mistake 、 I lost my life . In season three , Qian Ruizhen once again laid a dead hand on Shen Xiulian , She falsely accused Xiulian of imprisoning and abusing Logan Lee , Trying to kill Xiulian by the hands of the Logan Lee family , And there is no repentance after the matter is exposed .

Such a thousand Ruizhen really disgusts Xiulian , But Xiulian's punishment for Qian Ruizhen is to let her bully and persecute others by relying on her wealth spend the rest of her life in poverty , Instead of dying , But qianruizhen's ending seems destined to be magnificent .

For the extremely selfish Qian Ruizhen , If anything is more important than herself , That must be her daughter Xia enxing . In the 11 Set , A thousand Ruizhen who has almost nothing , I still want to sell my kidney and send enxing abroad , But she never thought of , Enxing will give her a large dose of forgetting memory and causing dementia .

Grace star is not a man with a heart of stone , Although she is selfish, she is not crazy yet , Therefore, we can't accept that Qian Ruizhen killed Qian Fu and his life-saving benefactor Wu Yunxi , I am not willing to expose my mother who loves me deeply . EN Xing took Qian Ruizhen's sin to himself , She wanted her mother to forget those evil memories , I think I can get long-term happiness .

But enxing's behavior of giving qianruizhen medicine , But indirectly led to Qian Ruizhen's fall . Qian Ruizhen, who suddenly lost a memory and was delirious , Go crazy in Hera palace , She mistook peluna for her daughter ensing , And Xia Yunzhe who came to protect Luna . While Xia Yunzhe was seriously injured , Qian Ruizhen also fell upstairs because of Qiang La Luna , And was hit by a large lamp falling from the roof , The chances of survival are slim .

When Qian Ruizhen was alive, she didn't stop for various reasons 、 Kill the innocent , The closing gesture was also extremely tragic , Indirectly hurt by his beloved daughter , It's Retribution .

Qian Ruizhen can't splash any water whether she is dead or alive , Zhou dantai, who is locked up in a mental hospital, has not yet accepted his life . To Zhou Xijing who secretly came to say goodbye to himself alone , Zhou dantai gave full play to his ability to bend and stretch , Brazenly told Zhou Xijing about his father daughter relationship , Talking about winning the prize for Xijing and deciding to kill Luna 、 Help Xijing eliminate the competitors of Seoul Yinda “ Pay ”,“ Love to the depths ” And knelt down to Xijing , He said that he took better care of Xijing than his own son Xixun .

But this time Xijing was not confused by Zhou dantai , Although there is something moving , But the Jedi left anyway . Even if Xijing is stupid again , I won't be Dante again last week , After all, Xijing is a person who cares about blood relationship very much , She was provoked because she thought Xiulian was not her own mother , Xiulian's taking care of a seriously ill child can greatly stimulate Xijing , Let alone Zhou dantai, who is not only unrelated, but also miserable for her fake father in Xijing .

You know, Zhou dantai not only took all the property under Xijing's name , And put her in a prayer house that eats people and doesn't spit bones , Think about Zhou dantai's discovery that Zhou Xixun helped Zhou Xijing cheat , He said angrily that Zhou Xixun was not only Zhou Xijing's brother , What's more, his son Zhou dantai's sincere words , Finally let go , Expressed willingness to send Xijing abroad , I know if he is sincere to Xijing , What he did to Zhou Xijing before , Nothing more than supporting killing and raising waste , Pretending to be partial leads him to hate the real biological mother Xiulian , And flesh and blood Xixun must be really excellent .

Zhou dantai, who failed to confuse Xijing, certainly tried his best to escape from the mental hospital , He started making waves for the last time , Just then , His ending is not just the rest of his life in a mental hospital .

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