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Domestic station wagon "single seedling" new Baojun Valli, can it hold up the facade?

2021-08-25 01:31:16 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of domestic station wagon , What was the first car model that flashed through your mind ? I can't remember ? That's right . because , No, .

Yes , You heard me , In the field of domestic station wagon , Our huge market , There is no card that can be played . Compared with those who often have hundreds of choices 10 Ten thousand yuan level SUV and 10 Ten thousand yuan family car , The development of domestic station wagon can be said to make people unhappy .

With the advent of the post epidemic era , The Chinese people have a deep understanding of freedom 、 The demand for long-distance travel is becoming stronger and stronger , Facing the increasing voice of users , The domestic station wagon finally ushered in the unique seedling —— baojun valli. After all, this domestic product with almost no competitive products “ Large earthen pot ”, Can we fill the gap in the domestic RV market at one fell swoop , Supporting the facade of domestic travel ? Now let's get to know what it's capable of .

Brilliant design , Define the appearance standard of the vehicle model

Shape design , baojun valli Adopt the brand's latest family design concept . Inverted trapezoidal front face starlight matrix grille , The interior is chrome plated in a horizontal arrangement “ Stars ”, There is a striking chrome trim strip on the top connected to the lights on both sides . Looked from a distance , There is a kind of “ Alien Ship ” Sense of being alike .

baojun valli The back of the is a through LED Rear lamp , Wrapped in black , Match with the turning design at the tailgate , The whole rear of the car exudes a strong retro flavor , Let the charming characteristics of the station wagon show without doubt . As a station wagon , Rear 45° The direction of can be called the most angle .

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