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Car market sales fell in July! Why do these three cars compete with each other?

2021-08-25 01:32:09 Oriental Information automobile

According to the latest retail statistics released by the passenger Federation recently ,7 The sales volume of narrow sense passenger vehicle market in China reached 150 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 6.2%. among , Car sales 72.1 Thousands of cars , fell 6.6%;MPV sales 8.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 8.8%;SUV sales 69.2 Thousands of cars , fell 5.5%. From the car announced by the Federation 、SUV and MPV From the sales list , Car sales of many models are falling , Of course, some models rely on the advantages of their own products , Ushered in a surge in sales . Next , Let's see 7 Who is the most popular month ? GAC Toyota Camry 7 In sales :20479 Year on year growth :22% In the domestic automobile market ,B The class car segment has been showing “ Take turns ” The situation of , Since this year, 6 In the beginning , Camry became B Pin crown of level car , and 7 In June, Camry still maintained rapid growth , With monthly sales 20479 car 、 Year-on-year growth 22% Excellent results , Become 7 The only car in the top 10 of the monthly car list B Levels of car .

Camry currently on sale uses TNGA framework , Compared with the previous model , There are great changes in appearance and interior . aesthetic , fashion 、 motion . interiors ,10.1 Inch suspended multimedia display , While enhancing the sense of Technology , The driver can get the vehicle condition information without looking down , Higher driving safety . It is also equipped with on-board wechat function 、 Gould map / Tencent map real-time intelligent road condition display 、OTA Online upgrade service and other functions .

On the safety side , Equipped with the latest generation TSS Intelligent safety system , Contains PCS Pre crash safety system 、DRCC Dynamic radar cruise control system 、LTA Lane tracking AIDS and AHB Automatically adjust the high beam system , Realize quasi L2 Class a autopilot , Provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience .

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