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Six Skoda seats are finally on the market, with a fuel consumption of only 1.9l and a endurance of 1000 kilometers

2021-08-25 01:32:16 Oriental Information automobile

Many consumers use the exclusion method when buying a car , Like what Korean cars can't be sold , Independent brands can't be sold and so on , But made in Germany, no one has ever said a reason to refuse . Especially when it comes to the public, everyone will nod , Recognize it . In fact, since the public was introduced into China in the last century , It has always been well received , Even in many places, at a glance, the public accounts for almost half of the models . Even Japanese cars in the last two years 、 Domestic cars have good sales , But the public never seems to worry about selling cars . Of course, even if the ox fork , The voice of consumers still needs to be heard , see , In order to occupy more automobile market , Skoda launched Skoda VisionS.

lately 7 Cars are popular , However, due to the problem of annual review, many consumers reluctantly give up , give up 7 seat , But the public is smart , skoda VisionS() Adopted 6 Seat design , It catches the heart of consumers at once . In appearance VisionS Fashion and handsome , Younger , The front air inlet grille adopts family straight waterfall chrome plating design , Simple atmosphere , Narrow on both sides LED The headlights highlight the breath of sports , Give people a strong visual impact , The through type lower grille design is wide but not exaggerated , And added silver trim , More sense of technology .

As a 6 A model , without doubt VisionS It's using 222 Seat layout , This makes many consumers worry VisionS4700mm Body length and 2790mm Whether the wheelbase of is suitable for three rows of seats , Of course, there is no need to worry about this at all ,VisionS Space xiang'dui As far as a competitor is concerned, it still occupies the mainstream level , Although the long distance in the third row will be a little crowded , But everyday is so stress free .

Interior decoration has not always been Volkswagen's strong point , however VisionS It's a shame before the snow , It uses all digital instruments , In addition to the driving information in front of the steering wheel, the instrument also sets a vertical touch screen in front of the gear handle , Especially on the central control 16 The inch multimedia display is very eye-catching , In addition, the air conditioning outlet with a sense of science and Technology , The whole interior looks like an airplane cockpit . meanwhile VisionS Each door has a mobile phone charging position , It can inductively charge the passenger's mobile phone .

The multi-functional steering wheel adopts three width design , And it is wrapped in leather , Feel very comfortable . In addition to the spacious interior space VisionS The volume of the suitcase can reach up to 460L, Compared with ordinary families, daily use can completely meet .

motivation , skoda VisionS As its hybrid model, it is equipped with 1.4T Plug in hybrid power system composed of turbocharging and motor , among 1.4T The maximum output power of the engine is 156 horsepower , Peak torque is 250 Cattle meters , The transmission is matched 7 speed DSG Double clutch gearbox , Besides , The car is also equipped with four-wheel drive system . Because it is plug-in hybrid , According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, the comprehensive fuel consumption is only 100 kilometers 1.9L, Speed up only 7.4s/km, And the maximum endurance in hybrid mode can reach 1000km, It can be said to be unprecedented .

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