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Another high-value sedan is on the market, with a national six + fuel consumption of 5.7L

2021-08-25 01:51:25 Oriental Information automobile

In the domestic automobile market ,SUV The popularity of has gradually faded , The compact sedan is active again , In addition to the old joint venture brands , Independent brands still have great strength in this field , Like an emperor 、 Escaping 、 Arizer has excellent competitiveness , Sales are also booming . While these benchmark models are busy enriching the family camp , BAIC passenger car brand Changhe has also launched a family sedan with high appearance value , BAIC Changhe A6. The new car has been replaced with one that meets the national six standards 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Fuel consumption in one hundred kilometers 5.7L,5.98 The price from ten thousand , It's hard for the emperor to parry

Beauty , Changhe A6( Parameters | picture ) Geometric interactive design language , The split grille is very bright ; The black upper grille is connected with the headlamp groups on both sides , A strong sense of wholeness ; The trapezoidal lower grille is matched with the zigzag air inlets on both sides , It adds a sense of fashion and refinement to the whole vehicle . The streamlined roof adopts the design style of large sliding back , Chrome plated decorative strips are added to the edge of the window , Sharp double waistline 16 Inch petal wheel hub , It looks more compact 、 motion

The design of the rear is simple 、 Condense . The design style of large sliding back is integrated with the rear spoiler , Improved the smoothness of the whole vehicle ; The decorative cover plate through the rear of the vehicle is printed with “CHANGHE” Letter LOGO. The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4620/1810/1485mm, The wheelbase 2672mm, Reached A The basic standard of class car

The interior adopts family design language , The encircling cockpit is paved with a large area of black soft materials and decorated with wood grain trim panels , Outstanding texture ; The design of gun barrel air conditioner outlet improves the sports breath of the whole vehicle . New style multi-functional steering wheel and novel gear handle , Very artistic .7 Inch LCD Meter and 9 The Inch Touch central control screen increases the sense of science and technology of the whole vehicle . in addition , The new car also offers luxury smart bags ( Including dash cam 、9 Inch screen, etc ) And the exclusive safety bag ( Including side air curtain 、 Panoramic image, etc ) Optional

Power on , Changhe A6 It is equipped with a model of... Independently developed by BAIC group “A151” Of 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , The maximum power is 113 horsepower , Peak torque 142 cattle · rice , And comply with the national emission standard No. 6 ; The transmission is matched 5 Speed manual transmission . The suspension adopts McPherson type 、 Combination of torsion beam independent suspension , The fuel consumption is as low as 5.7L

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