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After a trip to Germany, I finally found the reason why there was no traffic jam on the high-speed. How many people say?

2021-08-25 01:51:29 Oriental Information automobile

During the Spring Festival transportation, many car owners drive across the highway , Although the total mileage of Expressway in China is relatively long , The road is in good condition , But there are several problems . When driving at high speed , Many car owners are more restrained , Although the speed limit is 120, But few people really dare to let go of the gas and keep running . The speed limit on China's expressway is high and low , Some sections are like riding a roller coaster , The previous paragraph remains at 120, The speed limit in the latter section is immediately reduced to 80, Went to Germany , Finally find the reason why there is no traffic jam at high speed , Say how many people's voices ?

under these circumstances , Many car owners begin to envy foreign countries , One car owner said he had just traveled to Europe last month , After returning from Germany , He yearns for the German highway system . Germany is the first country in the world to build expressways , German highways are basically speed free . In recent years, many German expressways have set the speed limit as 350, It's no different from no speed limit , Except for the supercar , An ordinary car can't run so fast even if the accelerator is broken .

There is no speed limit in Germany , But there are few accidents , Why is that ? The first 1 One reason is that the quality of the car is better , The German spirit is very rigorous , When building cars, they also pursue excellence . Germany is a big country in automobile industry , German cars pay great attention to the sense of control , It can give consideration to performance on the premise of ensuring vehicle safety , Therefore, the braking sensitivity of German cars is high , Very good grip , Germans are also very confident in their cars .

The first 2 One reason is that German road design is more humanized . The highways in Germany are in good condition , The road condition is also quite good , When driving on German highways, you rarely encounter uphill and downhill sections . Although the speed is high , But security is completely guaranteed , So driving on the German highway, no matter how fast , Don't worry about traffic jams , There are few traffic accidents .

The last reason is that the Germans have high safety awareness and quality . It's very difficult to get a driver's license in Germany , In addition to learning theoretical knowledge and practical road tests , Drivers must also learn first aid . Although the speed is fast when driving on the road , But few people change lanes without turning on the turn signal , Malicious plugging and other acts , Therefore, driving on the German highway is not only free from traffic jam , The traffic efficiency is still high .

After reading the reason why there is no traffic jam on the German highway , Many people think they have spoken their hearts . The traffic efficiency on Expressway in China is slow , Serious traffic jam , It's mainly because many Chinese people have no quality in driving , On the fast lane, tortoise speed , Don't turn on the turn signal when changing lanes , And often maliciously plug , Because of this bad behavior , Causing ghost traffic jams is becoming more and more common . Small make up think , Improve the traffic efficiency of Expressway in China , In addition to road design and management , The quality of the driver is the most important link .

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