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Hechuang z03 opens Dading! The first ultra wide-angle seat with a mileage of more than 600km

2021-08-25 02:12:24 Oriental Information automobile

In the increasingly competitive car market , Even if there is a strong product strength , It is also inseparable from excellent marketing packaging , This is not in recent days , The joint venture Automobile Co invested by GAC group and Weilai has made great achievements .

Hechuang automobile is in its new flagship store of Beijing heshenghui , It presents a market for consumer groups “ Super burn live night ”, In the live feast , The trend of intelligent driving pure electric for young users SUV- Co creation Z03 Also officially opened Dading .

It is published in total 3 The main selling model version , They are the tide play version 、 Chaozhi version 、Z Tide Edition , among , The price range of tide play version is 13-14 Ten thousand yuan , The price range of Chaozhi version is 14-15 Ten thousand yuan , Besides , There are also integration LPL The League of heroes is the top event EDG Customized personalized models of club elements .

Of course , What surprises us is not only the products with great product power Z03 And the pre-sale price of some models , And the exclusive rights and interests brought by hechuang automobile to consumers , It contains the underlying interests + Limited time benefit package .

among , The underlying equity consists of six sections , They are the whole vehicle 4 year 15 Extra long warranty of ten thousand kilometers ; Lifetime three electricity warranty ; Lifetime free roadside assistance service ; monthly 6G Lifetime free traffic ; The charging pile will be presented when buying the car , And provide free installation services ; Exclusive many to one team service .

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