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Buick Regal, a B-class car that can land in the early 160000, has two power options

2021-08-25 02:12:27 Oriental Information automobile

As one of the few sports cars in the Buick family , Regal not only brightens people's eyes in design after its replacement , Its energy consumption is also significantly lower than that of previous models . At the request of fans , Our shop today came to the Buick dealer . Take a look at 2020 What are the current terminal discounts of Buick Regal ? Which configuration model is worth starting with ? Details , Let's move on .

Look at the following points , This article is half finished 1、2020 The Buick Regal has 6 Models with different configurations , The guide selling price range is 18.88 ten thousand -24.98 Ten thousand yuan , They're carrying 1.5T and 2.0T Turbocharged engines have two power systems , among 1.5T The maximum horsepower is 169Ps, Peak torque is 250N·m;2.0T The maximum horsepower is 237Ps, Peak torque is 350N·m. Transmission system , All match 9 Self - contained gearbox . At present, the store 2020 paragraph 552T Luxury and 2020 paragraph 652T The car source of elite configuration is quite sufficient , If you buy a car with other configurations, you need to book , After paying the deposit , The delivery time of the vehicle is about 5-7 Days or so .2、 After consulting , At present, our local 4S The best seller in the store is 2020 paragraph 552T elite , The guide selling price is 18.88 Ten thousand yuan , This car is currently on sale at 4-5 All around , The price of the naked car is 14.3 Ten thousand yuan or so , The discount is still very large .3、 According to the maintenance manual ,2020 The first maintenance mileage of this Buick Regal model is 5000 km ( The first guarantee is free ), The subsequent maintenance interval is every 5000 km / Time , The maintenance intervals of competitors at the same level are 10000 km , There is no advantage in this regard , Minor maintenance needs 550 element / Time , Major maintenance 2000/ Time ,6 The total routine maintenance cost of 10000 km is about 8800 yuan .

2020 How much is the landing price of Buick Regal ?1、 stay 2020 This Buick Regal 6 In different configurations , We sell the best 2020 paragraph 552T Take the elite as an example , Its preferential 4-5 After all , Naked car price 14.3 All around , Plus purchase tax 、 Vehicle and vessel tax 、 Commercial insurance yuan 、 Compulsory insurance and licensing fee , The car landed only about 16 All s .

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