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Sun Li's new play Su Yan appeared on the camera and was ridiculed by her appearance. Her acting skills collapsed. She just rolled over after 17 years of efforts?

2021-08-25 02:18:45 Tencent Entertainment

What happened to Sun Li ? I believe many people have seen her new play 《 The ideal city 》 after , All want to ask . It turned out that the big eyes with powerful aura , Now it seems , It's a little scary . Dark circles are too heavy , Like pandas , Does the empress who has always paid attention to health care get hyperthyroidism ?

At the same time make complaints about the value of the Tucao , People also dislike Sun Li in 《 The ideal city 》 The acting of . Compared with Zhen � The quality forced him to take a tie to collect � people , Now it seems that Sun Li can only wink , And always yelling . Even compared by the fledgling Yang Chaoyue , It's time to forgive people ! The performance of the ridiculed selfie collapsed , Sun Li, who has always been famous for her strength , Did you just roll over ?

Because I love it. , So insist on

1982 year , Sun Li was born in an ordinary working family in Shanghai . Sun Li as a child , Lively and cheerful , I love singing and dancing .

Mother saw her talent for dancing , He sent her to the children's palace to learn dance . Sensible Sun Li also cherishes this hard won learning opportunity , Train hard in basic skills , Use time to make up for your shortcomings . Through their own continuous efforts , As a result, she won many performance opportunities , Even the opportunity to go abroad to perform all over the world .

In Sun Li 13 At the age of , Parents suddenly divorced , It hit her hard . She knew it would be hard to live with her mother , But I also understand my mother's love for myself , So she chose to live with her mother .

After Sun Li graduated from junior high school , In order not to let her daughter suffer with her , Mother sun decided to send her daughter to be a literary soldier . It is also the three years of military experience , Let Sun Li develop a good habit of extreme self-discipline . This makes her in the future acting career , Benefited greatly .

How lucky , soar up into the sky with one start

After retiring , Sun Li knows that she wants to continue on the road of art , It needs continuous learning and progress . therefore , Just full 18 At the age of, she entered Shanghai Yindu art school for professional and systematic art study .

2004 year ,19 Sun Li met her first role in her acting career . At that time, the last part of Haiyan trilogy 《 Jade Goddess of Mercy 》, Auditioning for the heroine . Their favorite heroine can't play for special reasons , I had to find someone else .

With a fresh and refined temperament , Another veteran , Sun Li got the reassuring opportunity to play a female anti drug policeman . The first act was the heroine , This makes Sun Li feel unprecedented pressure .

In order to better shape the role , Before shooting , She did a lot of preparation . Read the script over and over again , Let yourself enter a peaceful life in advance . Faced with Tong Dawei and He Rundong who were already famous at that time , She has no stage fright , Nature boldly portrayed the character to life .

With the role of peace of mind , Sun Li successfully entered the public's vision , And get the audience's love , Become the most popular actress in the audience . Some actors never meet a suitable role in their life , And Sun Li, as a fledgling newcomer , Can have the opportunity to play such a vivid role . Have to say , She's really lucky . But she was not complacent about it , But keep honing , Improve your acting skills .

Business goes well , Love also comes quietly

2005 year , Sun Li took over the TV play 《 Happiness is like a flower 》, Also met her lifelong partner Deng Chao . Sun Li doesn't like talking , Deng Chao changed his way to make her happy . Because they all love acting , The two of them slowly changed from strangeness to familiarity , In the play, we learn acting skills together , Encourage each other outside the play .

Slowly, , A pair of happy friends in the trick of two people , Into real life . A year later , The photo of the two traveling together in Sanya was revealed , They then openly admitted their relationship .

In fact, I was influenced by my parents from childhood , Sun Li is particularly afraid of marriage . In a show , Deng Chao also revealed , Both of them are actually unmarried . Fortunately, they met each other , Together with sincere love , Healed each other's deep fear .

Because of the particularity of the work , They often separate the two places 、 Gather less and leave more , I can't even meet for months . So they had the idea of getting married , In this way, we can give each other longing and expectation for the future .

2010 year , Their sixth year of love , Two people made an important decision ―― license . And the wedding was held the next year , Announce to everyone that their happy life like flowers has begun .

Now , They have a son and a daughter . And they often expose their happy daily life on social platforms . Life is so wonderful , Something you can't even think of , Will change because of a person's sudden appearance . So don't be afraid to change , Don't worry and do it boldly , You will have an unexpected harvest .

Keep improving , One sword a year

After marriage , Sun Li's focus has gradually shifted from work to life . She insists on making only one play a year , On the one hand, it is to better accompany children's growth , On the other hand, it is also her performance of striving for perfection in her works .

2010 year , She received an invitation from director Zheng Xiaolong , Starred in an ancient court play 《 Zhen � Of board �》 The heroine Zhen � frame U Eat and linger to see the collection � Main play , The heroine has a lot of scenes , There are more than 50 lines alone . This makes Sun Li who hasn't made a TV play for a long time , Felt an unprecedented panic .

In order to better enter the role , Sun Li put the script in advance according to the age of the characters 、 Emotions are sorted and marked , In addition to reciting lines every day , Or recite the lines . When it's officially filmed , She often discusses the plot with the director and the actors on the same crew , Adjust your feelings in time .

As the ancestor of gongdou drama ,《 Zhen � Of board �》 stay 2012 After the broadcast in , It has been loved by the majority of the audience . Sun Li relies on Zhen � The final supper is wonderful �, She has become a well-known powerful actress in China .

After this , Sun Li opened a new era as an actor , One play a year , A classic character a year .《 It's true 》 The fashion hot mom Xia Bing in 、《 That Year flowers bloom and the moon is round 》 The clever and lively Zhou Ying and modern urban drama 《 A home 》 The room in the is like brocade , Every character Sun Li can accurately grasp the characteristics of the characters , Let the audience have a strong resonance . She always believed in , There are not many plays , It takes time and energy to polish .

The new play has a plain face , Just for a more realistic interpretation

It's only a few days since the launch of the new drama ideal city . Sun Li has repeatedly rushed to the hot search because of her appearance and acting skills . What puzzles the audience is , Sun Li, who has always paid great attention to health maintenance , Why does the image in this play surprise people ?17 Years of hard work turned over like this ?

And Sun Li mentioned in the interview , It was deliberately arranged by the director , Just to get closer to the character . She plays Su Xiao , It's a construction site that runs all day , The cost engineer who deals with reinforced concrete . Wear a helmet 、 It's the state that a character should have if he doesn't care about cleaning himself up .

Not just looks , Others criticized her acting , Said she tried too hard . Sun Li also expressed understanding , One thousand thousand , Everyone has a different understanding of the role . She hopes to make Su Xiao into an ordinary person around us in our life , At the beginning of entering the society , More or less, there will be some teeth and claws , Slowly, the edges and corners will be smoothed by reality , Become sleek and sophisticated . Acting is the same , After constant training , Finally, it becomes smooth and natural .

Let's have stepped into 40 My Sun Li , Go play a 20 The first girl , It's really a violation . But as the story goes on , We were gradually brought into this 《 The ideal city 》, Feel the emotion the actor wants to convey with your heart . It is worth mentioning that , The title of the film was written by Sun Li himself . Put aside the role , Such a serious and self disciplined lady , It's really lovable .

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